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3 Reasons to Buy a Static Caravan from a Small Site

Having a holiday caravan is appealing because it can serve as a temporary residence at any time of the year. Static caravan sites are convenient because you can reserve a spot well in advance, have everything you need prepared when you arrive, and access all the services you might want throughout your stay. All you have to do is pack your belongings and get there!

If you’re considering purchasing a new static home to begin the trip on a positive note, continue reading to learn why static caravan ownership is such a beneficial investment.

We’ll also discuss handy static caravan tips for beginners, static caravan storage ideas, and how to plan your caravan set up checklist to ensure you make the most of your stay.


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What is a Static Caravan?

A static caravan is a vacation, permanent, or temporary home made of PVC, fiberglass, or coated stainless steel panels and connected to a chassis when moving a static caravan to a permanent or temporary site.

The properties are owned by individuals who use them privately and rent them out while not in residence. Most of them can be found at campgrounds or static caravan parks. Compared to booking through an agency, renting static homes directly from the owner can save you money.

You can also find static caravans for sale on small sites, including residential caravan parks. These caravans are suitable for permanent habitation, provided the location has a residential license. The static caravan interior quality of new static houses, such as Atlas caravans, is exceptional and typically contains fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms like those found in traditional brick homes, double-paned windows, and central heating. Depending on your budget, you may choose the level of luxury in static caravans for sale you desire.

Static caravans provide a more luxurious alternative to portacabins for construction sites that need constant surveillance. Additionally, the amenities are significantly superior. You can also move the static caravan to a different location once the project is complete.

Types of Static Caravans

When looking for static caravans, it’s vital to consider several key factors, such as the average weight of the caravan (how much does a caravan weigh), the total cost (analyze the list of static caravan site fees 2021-2022), and transportation. Once done, you can opt from the following options:

1.      Single static caravan

This caravan is designed and constructed as a single unit and transported as a single load. Single static caravans are typically 10ft or 12ft wide (but 13-15ft units may exist) and up to 45 ft in length.

Single statics may be suitable for singles or couples, staff accommodation, or temporary housing during a self-build project. They could also be suitable for families, depending on the number of bedrooms. Once in place, an outside deck can be constructed to provide more usable inside space.

2.      Twin static units

These are static caravans, created as sectional structures on wheels, whose components are fitted together to assemble the final caravan. Typically, the caravan is constructed in two pieces, each 10 feet wide, and each half contains transportable cargo. After the two parts have been delivered, they are reassembled to make the finished caravan.

Twin units, twice the size of single units, are often used for on-site construction offices and bigger permanent houses in holiday parks. If you have a family, you can look for a small cabin in the woods for sale in the UK and have a fabulous time. They are convenient for families because of the many in-built bedrooms.

3.      Log cabin or ‘lodge’

These can be single or double apartments coated in wood to resemble log cabins. Many people refer to these structures as “lodges,” even though they are more likely to have been completed with synthetic materials designed to seem like wood. They are versatile and may be made to look fantastic in several park settings or on private property.

Even though lodges are often more expensive than statics, you can get them at an ideal price when sellers put log cabins for sale in the UK. They provide more room and luxury thanks to their wider width (sometimes double that of statics) and more modern, open floor plans.

Why Should You Purchase a Static Caravan from a Small Site?

list of static caravan site fees 2021, atlas caravans

1.      Static caravans are less expensive than other vacation residences

For most people, the dream of having a vacation house stays just that – a dream. However, static caravans can provide the opportunity to make this dream a reality. The cost of a static caravan offers an excellent value alternative to rising housing prices, especially when weighed against the expense of a regular overseas vacation and the benefits of owning a vacation home.

Since renting a cottage or caravan in the UK might be expensive for your vacation, it makes financial sense to own your static caravan. Although you’ll need to factor in the price of a static caravan site, you can be confident that your static caravan maintenance will be kept to a minimum by the park’s professional staff.

2.      A caravan is a lifestyle investment

Your mental lifestyle may benefit significantly from purchasing a static caravan, making it a worthwhile investment on several levels. Only with a static caravan is it possible to have the flexibility to travel to metropolitan regions anytime you choose without the hassle of owning a regular vacation house or apartment.

3.      It provides excellent value for money

Purchasing a static caravan reduces the expense of vacationing significantly.

Additionally, because your caravan is a home away from home, you can bring anything you might need. The kitchen amenities in these caravans allow you to remain in and cook, eliminating the need to spend a fortune dining out or shopping locally. If you have a static caravan, you can prepare sumptuous meals easy and quick with these recipes.

In addition, most individuals who own caravans place them in holiday parks or holiday home lodges that aren’t too distant from their primary residences. As a result, you won’t have to worry about paying exorbitant airport transportation or parking rates.

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Static caravans are pre-built homes that can be moved and put in place. They are a much more affordable option than a traditional brick-and-mortar home, leading to people owning almost a million leisure caravans and motor-homes in the UK as of 2022. Unlike tourer caravans, however, once they are set up, they can often stay in the same place for months or even years, either as a permanent home or as a place to stay on accommodation.

Static caravans, like everything else, come in many shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the needs of many customers, including companies, caravan enthusiasts, and landlords. Use this guide to understand why you should own one and choose the right option for your needs.

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