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Static Caravan Site Fees

When searching for holiday caravans for sale Skegness, the first thing people wonder is how much are static caravan site fees? As you look further into purchasing, you’ll discover that parks charge a site fees. This is completely normal because your static caravan would be occupying a space which for one cost allot of money to develop and two, the park is responsible for maintaining the grounds and ensuring services are running to the site you are renting.

list of static caravan site fees 2023

List of static caravan site fees 2023

It is near on impossible to find a list of static caravan site fees 2023 as sites offer because parks not only do different brackets but each park is slightly different in what they offer location and facility wise. Here is a list of factors sites take into account when determining site fees to charge owners.

  • Market rate – How much other parks are charging in the area.
  • Location – Is the park in an affluent area attracting wealthy customers.
  • On site facilities – Does the park offer exclusive & desirable leisure facilities
  • Outlook – Do owners enjoys views of a beautiful lake or sea views
  • Static caravan standard – What size static caravans are permitted on the site

As an example, If the park is in an affluent location with amazing grounds and facilities, the average site fees may range between £3500 – £10,000

Navigating the world of static caravan site fees can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to plan for the year ahead. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

static caravan site fees compare

Static caravan site fees 2023 examples

Here’s a simple, user-friendly list of static caravan site fees for 2023 that will help you budget accordingly:

  • Park A: Known for its serene landscapes and top-notch amenities, Park A offers an annual site fee of £2,500.
  • Park B: If you’re looking for a family-friendly site with plenty of activities, Park B has an annual site fee of £3,000.
  • Park C: Offering stunning views and quiet surroundings, Park C’s annual site fee is set at £2,800.
  • Park D: With its proximity to local attractions, Park D charges an annual site fee of £3,200.

Remember, these are just some examples. Site fees can vary based on location, amenities, and other factors. It’s always best to reach out to individual parks for the most accurate information. Happy planning for 2023!

Static Caravans on Peaceful Site for Sale in Devon

Compare static caravan site fees

Caravan site fees are something people pay on a yearly basis to rent a space for a holiday caravan. At some point the park have invested millions into creating a park where owners will enjoy spending leisure time. Caravan site fees are usually billed annually with some parks offering owners the ability to pay on a monthly basis by direct debit. To compare static caravan site fees 2021, it is always best to look at what the park offers in the package. When comparing site fees, you need to really compare like for like to give you a fair indication of value and its well worth visiting a few parks to see what they can offer. One idea is to check out a static caravan site fee forum to find out what other people are currently paying.

Static caravan low site fees

If you’re looking for a park offering static caravan low site fees then we suggest looking for small independent type. They may not have the brand image and range of facilities you want however the low site fees could make ownership more affordable for you. Its also true not everyone is looking for swimming pools, bars and entertainment so parks with less amenities have the benefit of offering lower site fees which will suit fine. Skegness is Lincolnshire is an area with many parks so finding a park with low site fees may be easier.

Where to find low site fees in the UK

Are you looking to buy a static caravan in Skegness? If so check out Kingfisher caravan park which has a great range of private static caravans for sale sited. In comparison we generally find parks in Scotland ask for lower sites fees compared to the rest of the UK – Check out static caravans for sale in Scotland with sea view to find some real bargains.

Lodge site fees

If you fancy investing in a holiday lodge to enjoy staycation holidays then this will attract higher site fees. Lodges demand higher fees because they occupy more space on park and with increased initial development costs for the park in the first place. That said, lodges can rent out for a higher amount to help off-set site fees and tend to hold their value far better. Check out lodges for sale here on Parklink.

Cheapest static caravan site fees

As we have discussed there are certain parts of the UK where site fees will be lower than others. If you’re looking for the cheapest static caravan site fees then focus on small holiday parks with very little facilities on. There are certain parts of Scotland, North East, North West and Mid Wales where you’re likely to find the cheapest fees. Forget heading for hotspots such as Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall as site fees here can be among the highest in the UK. Finding static caravans for sale on small sites can often mean less site fees due to the fact the park have less facilities to run making their running costs less to pass on to owners.

You can explore an impressive selection of static caravans for sale on site right here on Parklink.

Average static fees

You may wonder what are the average site fees for a static caravan? Site fees differ from park to park, however the average would be between £2000 – £5000 depending on the park. Owning your own static caravan is the ability to rent out to holidaymakers to earn and income. This can actually off set your annual running costs entirely making holiday home ownership affordable for many. When comparing site fees its also worth looking at the potential to sublet and earn enough income to offset costs altogether.

How much are static caravan site fees

As we have mentioned site fees can vary from park to park and depending on quality and facilities. We have asked some of our members how much their site fees are to give you and idea. See below the current list of site fees we have put together for you.

Caravan sites with low ground rent

Finding caravan sites with low ground rent can be a real challenge and take hours of your time. This is why were here to help you out and have taken the liberty of listing sites with low ground rent for you. Not only have these sites low ground rent but they are also amazing places to be and offer a high standard of service to their guests.


Northumbrian Leisure site fees

Golden Sands Holiday Park In Northumberland – Site Fees are £3570.00 and owners benefit from an 11 and a half month season to enjoy holiday home ownership.

Clifftop Holiday Park – Site fees = £2720.00 for a 10-month holiday season.

Sandhaven Holiday park = £4200.00 for nearly 12 months with only 4 days off.

Northumbrian Leisure include water, rates, sewerage and vat within the site fee amount which makes them very reasonable!

Thanks for reading!

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