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Are you hoping to sell static caravan or perhaps a lodge? If so, we can help you advertise to the right people!

Parklink is a purpose built holiday home sales portal, where you can advertise your private static caravan to thousands of visitors on a monthly basis. Whether you want to sell static caravan or lodge we can create your very own page here on Parklink.

Why advertise your static caravan or lodge with Parklink

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Purpose built website attracting thousands of static caravan & lodge enthusiasts
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  • Online support

Here is what our customers say:

“Parklink is the perfect place to sell static caravan. We had no idea how or where to advertise our lodge to get people interested. Parklink puts it out there in all the right places. Fantastic service and great people to deal with. Would highly recommend!” Gabby Vallory

How do we sell our static caravan with Parklink?

  1. Simply choose a package below and click ‘Purchase NOW
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  3. Fill in all details and add images
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£74.956 Weeks
  • 6 weeks advertising on Parklink
  • Page on Parklink including description, map and images.
  • Unlimited revisions of images, description and selling price
£94.95Advertise until SOLD!
  • Ongoing advertising until SOLD!
  • Page on Parklink including description, map and images.
  • Unlimited revisions of images and discription
  • Featured on the Parklink homepage for one month!

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Advertise your static caravan or lodge for sale on Parklink

Are you looking to sell static caravan or lodge privately?

Parklink has been purpose built to help people like you.

  • Advertise on Parklink
  • Static caravans and lodges welcome
  • Full access to make unlimited changes to your advert
  • Advertise until SOLD!

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Questions & Answers

You probably have many questions regarding putting your static caravan up for sale, including “how do we sell static caravan” and “what is the resale value of static caravans” to name a few.

Read on to find answer to people frequently asked questions

How do we sell static caravan?

Once you have made the decision to sell your static caravan, we would advise you notify your park office. Not only will they inform you of certain processes which need to be adhered to but they may also be able to buy or offer selling advice.

What is the resale value of static caravans?

This can depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you. We have to take into account the amount you bought it for, condition along with current supply and demand.

How quickly will we find a buyer?

We advertise your static caravan here on Parklink as well as other leading portals. Speed of sale can depend on many factors which you need to get right. Please ensure your description, images and selling price is all correct which will help you get enquiries. Enquiries turn into sales.

Will the park buy my static caravan back?

In many case the park operators you bought the caravan from may well buy it back. This can be a great solution if you’re looking for a quick sale of you caravan or lodge. However its worth noting that you’re likely to achieve a higher return by selling privately compared to selling back to the park or off park to trade.

Is there a selling static caravan law?

There are certain rule of fair practice you must adhere to which your park operators will be able to go through with you in more details. When you sell your holiday home the park will facilitate the sale and ensure all parties are fully informed along with filling in relevant paperwork. In regards to the advert, your caravan description must be accurate with actual pictures of the caravan or lodge you are selling.

Is there a static caravan market calculator?

There is no specific calculator available as the value of a static caravan or lodge is determined by a number of factors. The closest thing to a calculator is the glass’s guide which holds all caravan values. Still this is only a guide and values can increase/decrease depending on market conditions, supply & demand as well as condition and originality of the caravan for sale.

How much do static caravans depreciate?

Similar to a car or a boat, caravan and lodges are classed as consumable items so over time they are likely to depreciate. This is a general point of view and it should be noted that caravans and lodges can at times hold their value very well and even increase in value if demand is high enough. How much they depreciate is dependent on supply and demand, general condition and market conditions.

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