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Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Your Static Caravan

Do you enjoy going on holiday with family and friends and perhaps looking for a caravan for sale? If so, then you understand the importance of maintaining your static caravan properly. It is impossible to have a great time with family and friends if it is not in good shape. While most of these caravans are built to be strong and withstand a lot of pressure due to the nature of their use, a bit of proper maintenance makes them last longer and helps them serve you better. To find out useful maintenance tips for your static caravan we have put together this useful guide so read on..

Ensure to properly clean the caravan once in a while, especially when you are not using it is one of the great maintenance tips. After all, you will likely use it for a long duration before locking it away for a few months. The last thing you need is something in the caravan that fails to work when you need it most—thus, maintaining the caravan is necessary. Fortunately, it is not as complicated as one may imagine. Below are helpful tips that can make your work easy.

caravan maintenance

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1.) Consider cleaning the Gutters of your static caravan

It is only reasonable that safety should be a priority in your static caravan. If you own a caravan, you know that you will likely enjoy your holidays more if you have no safety issues to worry about. Gutters tend to accumulate gunk and dirt over time, especially if they are not regularly maintained and cleaned. Invest in professional cleaning services if you are not able to handle them yourself. Regardless of how busy you are, it is essential to keep your gutters free of debris, more so in winter and autumn when they are likely to be filled with unwanted stuff. 

Ignoring the condition of your gutters will eventually lead to debris finding its way inside the caravan and causing severe damage over time. For instance, when water accumulates in the gutters and freezes, it lifts the seams, and water finds its way inside the caravan. This leakage can cause great inconvenience, and it’s the last thing you want to see happening.  

Check out this video showing you how to clean static caravan gutters

2.) Get a Repair Expert to Clean the Air Vents and Take Care of the Water Challenges

Air vents serve various purposes in the caravan, including gas safety. However, they can be a source of dirt when neglected. Ensure to keep the roof vents closed when not in the caravan. Those on the floors and walls can be left open to promote airflow and help prevent unnecessary dampness in the caravan. Besides this, you should always ensure that the vents are also free from any form of obstruction that can limit or interfere with proper air circulation. 

When it comes to water, make sure all the sources and channels of water are closed when you leave the caravan. This is even more important in winter since frozen water can cause severe damage. You may find a burst pipe or tap that would be costly to repair and replace. After all, plumbing services do not come cheap and may require the intervention of experts to rectify.

3.) Clean the Outside Panel and Grease the Chassis to Avoid Corrosion

Outside clean

All mechanical gadgets and metallic materials can quickly get rusted when exposed to weather elements over time. You may be surprised what a simple cleaning routine can do to elevate the status of your static caravan. You don’t have to do some of the cleanings weekly or monthly to make a difference. The outdoor panels of your caravan can accumulate dirt and become unsightly with years. As such, ensure to clean it twice a year to avoid an unattractive look. Use the right products to protect the colour and quality of the panel. You can use car shampoo as it does not damage the exterior of the caravan.

Additionally, once the panel is clean, be sure to wax it using a waxing solution. This will give it extra protection and prevent any peelings or rusting due to water. On the same note, make sure to regularly grease the chassis to prevent rust, as this is what causes the corrosion. Fortunately, there is a special kind of oil wax that works for this part. If required, take help from experts. You may choose to paint, but this is not a lasting solution since it will flake with time.

4.) Check for excess moisture in the cabin

Caravan airflow

The caravan is often locked away for long duration. Hence, there is a high likelihood that it will face certain challenges over time. One of the significant issues is dampness, which affects the freshness of the air. You are likely to perceive strange odours as mould forms on the walls of the caravan. Hence, ensure to leave the windows open in winter, spring, and autumn to help air the caravan adequately. 

If it’s not possible for you to keep the windows open, you can also leave large bowls of salt inside the caravan. The salt draws any moisture from the furnishing and the air. This way, you can protect your precious paintings and furniture, and you are likely to suffer from fewer mould attacks. Moreover, your caravan will also smell fresh all the time which is inviting.

5.) Focus on minor forgettable items such as the alarm, gas switch and boiler 

You probably have a few investments done in the caravan, and the boiler is among the costly ones. Ensure to switch it off when you are away. Besides that, have an engineering service every three months to ensure that it is in good working condition. To handle electricity and gas correctly, switch off the source to prevent any gas pipe corrosion. After all, accidents may occur when you are away from the house. 

Change the gas pipe after five years of use or after conducting the gas leak test as this may influence the quality of the gas system. Finally, ensure that the alarm system in the caravan is on to guarantee safety. Change the batteries that need to be changed and have the alarm system regularly updated as well. Maintaining luxury static caravans does not have to be complicated if you are persistent.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found our maintenance tips for a static caravan useful. A static caravan is excellent for people who want to get away from their home and routine. However, it is imperative to service and ensure that the caravan is in good condition at all times. Before rushing to buy a static caravan for sale, make sure you understand the responsibilities that come with owning one.

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