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A Buying Guide: How Much does a Static Caravan Cost?

Whether you are planning this holiday as a couple or a family, holidays in static caravans are an excellent way to enjoy some time away. Perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing your own getaway but before buying a static caravan, you’re probably wondering how much does a static caravan cost, right? That’s why we are here for you with this amazing article to help you decide.

The popularity and acceptance of static caravans has been on the rise continually for many years in the UK. They are now a part of the staycation holidays where people stay at a place away from home for extended periods. The lock-down gave people to opportunity to travel to the countryside and holiday in the lush green enviroment for as long as they wish. Static caravans became the perfect home away from home.

A static caravan can benefit from everything a typical home has such as a central heating system, large comfy beds, washing machine, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher! They come equipped with a television, music system, telephone, and Internet plus much more!

With these necessities taken care of, you can find comfort to enjoy a gratifying UK holiday experience without the hassle. Once you sample this leisure lifestyle, you may never go back to the days when a holiday just meant a simple getaway once a year.

Now, as you are excited about buying a static caravan for yourself, the biggest questions may be – what is the static caravan cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. Overall, how much does a static caravan cost if I want it?

We have the answers to your questions. Here is a complete breakdown of the cost of purchase as well as the ongoing running costs.

What do Static Caravan costs involve?

Behind the curiosity of how much does a static caravan cost lies the beautiful experience of ownership so let’s get to it.

Static caravans come in a range of models – from the smallest ones to suit two people, to the largest ones for a small family. They can come with standard fittings, or with everything made to custom specifications.

The modern and luxurious static caravan for sale UK contain the very best technology on offer combined with sophisticated design. The double glazing gives them a modern look while the central heating system keeps them comfortable enough to use over a 12 month holiday season.

There’s more! Fully equipped modern kitchens come with dishwashers, microwaves, and other appliances. The en-suite bathrooms offer something special with Jacuzzi or hot tubs found outside the holiday home or sunken within the decking. The wrap-around decking offers the perfect look and feel as well as a great outside space to enjoy in all seasons.

You cannot compare the feeling of owning a brand new, glossy static caravan with anything else. Within a fraction of a budget, you can literally own a second home. That’s why static caravan ownership is very popular right now in the UK. Before buying a static caravan, people remain curious to know how much does a static caravan cost so they can plan everything beforehand for an awesome experience.


prices of static caravans


How Much does a Static Caravan Cost: New and Preowned


New static caravan

If you have the budget for the best, a new static caravan is always nice to have. The most basic new static caravan will set you back between £30,000 – £50,000 in 2022 while the bespoke luxury static caravans can cost anywhere up to £100,000 plus.


Preowned Static Caravan

If you’re looking for a fantastic bargain, then you can go for a second-hand static caravan. You can purchase a refurbished or pre-loved static caravan from as little as £15,000 depending on the UK location you choose. 

If you are going for a pre-owned static caravan, you get the opportunity to learn from sellers what to expect in a specific model. To be on the safer side, check the age and the condition of a used caravan as many sites allow static caravans of only up to a certain age.

With new models, you also run the risk of depreciation which can run up to thousands of pounds. So, as long as the condition of a preowned static caravan is good, it will be worth its value within a couple of years.

Typically, the value of static caravans depreciates by 15% a year, but newer static caravans take the largest hit in the first few years accounting for set up and production costs.

Regardless of your budget, you can find a static caravan that suits your needs perfectly. I hope you have a much better idea about how much a static caravan costs now, whenever you go into depth of this pretty simple yet important question of how much does a static caravan cost for me and what factors should i consider thinking about, there come some additional expenses that you must include in your planning. Let’s learn about them.

static caravan cost


Total Cost of Ownership: Additional expenses to bear in mind!

The majority can afford a static caravan as they start from £30,000 with attractive financing options. But owning a static caravan means more than just the upfront costs. The additional expenses after buying a static caravan completely let you check your pocket. If you just ask for how much does a static caravan cost then the answer can be in a few words, but this is a guide for you. So we will let you know everything that will demand your money after you have bought it. Considering these factors will guide you to choose the best static caravan for you.

Here are some of the key expenses that adds value to the answer of How Much does a Static Caravan Cost so you must weigh them before you sign the dotted line: 


On-site parking fees

You are happy with buying a static caravan, but you have to bear the parking fees for it. The parking location of your static caravan has a major impact on your overall holiday experience and financial outlay. The rent for using a holiday park’s pitch and services usually vary within the range of £2,500 to £5,000.

Therefore, explore locations and find the balance between your needs and budget. Figuring out the location, services, and fee is imperative before buying a static caravan. You can visit static caravan parks, talk to locals, connect with other fellow static caravan owners, and check out online reviews to get a real impression of the spot.


Gas, water, and electricity

Facilities such as central heating, electrical appliances, water supply, drainage, gas, etc. all come at a cost. These can cost as low as £1,000 for a standard static caravan and go up to £12,000 for a luxury static caravan.


Tools and equipment

To experience a home away from home, you will require cutlery, grocery, linen, linens, pillows, mattresses, appliances, and cleaning paraphernalia. The list can be endless depending on your needs.


Furniture and fittings

To personalize your new van and decorate it to your style, you should fit it with appropriate modular furniture.



Just like your home and car, a static caravan also needs periodic maintenance to keep it in running condition. You should also set aside some amount for emergency repairs and replacing spares.


Living and storage space

The cost of a static caravan is greatly affected by the amount of berth and storage space. While a small and cozy static caravan may be budget-friendly, it may not accommodate all members on a trip.



Just like any other property, static caravans require insurance to cover third-party liability and against theft and damage. There are a variety of insurance packages from multiple providers and cannot be generalized.


Transportation costs

If your static caravan is not parked at your dream destination, then there is an additional cost of transporting it from its current location. Transportation charges can range from £300 to £3,000. Additional charges include towing, maneuvering, and de-installation and re-installation.



Caravanning is a flourishing industry and is popular among tourists as a holiday home option. However, before buying a static caravan, you must consider various factors. How Much does a Static Caravan Cost not only depends on the one-time payment but also depends on the other factors which have been described in the blog. Whether it is a preowned caravan or a local dealer, you should always consult an expert before making the final decision. Always Do Your Research

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