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Static Caravan Checklist: 10 Must-Have Essentials 

If you are looking to own a static caravan or rent one for the first time, there are some items you must have to survive your holiday. As you plan towards your travel, you should also include plans to make your standard of living in the caravan great. It is easy to forget what you need because you are planning a trip and also purchasing or renting a caravan, so we have curated a static caravan checklist of ten items you must-have in your caravan. 

What is a Static Caravan? 

Several people refer to a static caravan differently. It is referred to as holiday homes, mobile homes, or park homes because they are like real homes but are much smaller and are used during travels or vacations. They are pretty affordable and comfortable, like a natural home. You can start your caravan journey by checking several luxury static caravans for sale at the Parklink. 

static caravan checklist

The Checklist of 10 must-have Items for Your Static Caravan

  1. Kitchen gear

First on our static caravan checklist is kitchen gear because just like your home, your kitchen has to be one of the most important places that should be well equipped. You might want to do something basic or glamorous based on your budget. Some of the kitchen gear you might need may include a toaster, kettle, plus plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and glasses. You should have enough or more utensils for everyone who resides in the caravan. Don’t forget the minor items such as the cutleries, knives, can openers, jugs, bowls, tray and dishes for the oven. There are numerous static caravans for sale northeast that might come with a few kitchen gear items. Below we have highlighted some kitchen gear items and their benefits: 

  • Food processor: This kitchen gadget might be your favourite if you love trying new things. The food processor can shred down a cheese block. It is a much cheaper option where you have to repeatedly buy pre-shredded cheese and use it for an extended period. You can also use a food processor to make mayonnaise, peanut butter, or whipped cream in no time.
  • Rice cooker: Rice is a well-coloured food amongst millions worldwide. However, it is a surprise that many feel it is odd or unnecessary to own one. The rice cooker removes the obstacle of measuring the proper water to cook your rice. The instructions come with the range (i.e. put x amount of rice and fill the water to y level in the oven and press the cook button).  
  1. First Aid kit

We cannot overemphasise the importance of a first aid kit and this is a must for your static caravan checklist. Life is full of many unplanned events and accidents. It is always safer to have a first aid kit near you. Alongside your existing home, you should make plans to include a first aid kit in your static caravan. Keep the items in the box clean and fresh by cleaning what is cleanable and replacing those with new things. Parklink has several static caravans for sale Yorkshire where you can bring a first aid kit to.

  1. Chargers

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you always need to use your devices, including a phone, laptop, or tablet. Which means you always need a charger. If your static caravan is far from your residential address, it is not advisable to constantly move your charger from your house to the train and back to your home. Why not just have separate chargers for both locations, so you don’t have to worry about carrying chargers around.  

  1. Fire safety equipment

No one can predict when a fire can happen, which is why it is essential to keep fire-fighting equipment in your static caravan. It is best to opt for a dry powder fire extinguisher. As much as you don’t want the fire to happen, you have to remember that it’s not impossible. There are categories of fire that their powder extinguisher helps you deal with.  

  1. Static Caravan Mobile router

You have your device’s charger, but to put your gadgets to good use, you need the internet. You might get a WiFi connection, but you should not count on it—a mobile router functions as an internet box containing a SIM card instead of a phone cable. To enjoy internet access, you have to pay a charge to top up the SIM card.  

  1. Outdoor furniture set

To enjoy your adventure to the fullest, you may want outdoor furniture set to relax and enjoy the weather and view together with the caravan location. It is an excellent way for you to spend your time while relaxing. The furniture includes a patio set, rattan sofas, or egg chairs. You also need to get a cover to protect your furniture if you are away or not to use them.

static caravan decking furniture

  1. Toolbox and torch

Anything can happen to your caravan, even though you might only use it once a year. If the power gets cut out, you have a torch to provide light while fixing it with the tools. Such events are inevitable, and your caravan is no exception.  

  1. Cleaning gear

The cleaning items are essential as it is essential to keep our environment clean. The cleaning items will include toiletries, products for the kitchen, living areas, toilets, and bathrooms. The items may consist of cloths, dusters, a mop, brushes, detergents, dustpan, buckets, and a cleaning cloth. 

  1. Bedding

It is pretty essential to get quality sleep while travelling the world. You need to bring bed-wear such as pillows, pillowcases, and blankets for every bed. It is even more important if your location is an excellent place.  

  1. Books 

If you are a sucker for reading books, you might need to take this along on your travel and stock your Caravan with the. There are varieties of books, and it seems everyone has a preference, you can read a book to spend time gaining knowledge and relax. 


You should treat your static caravan like you would treat your home. You might feel it is not essential because you only use it once or twice a year, but it makes your travel experience stress-less. To enjoy your travel to the maximum, it is great to have these items available in your caravan so that you can genuinely take the vacation you deserve. 

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