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How long do static caravans last?

Many people looking at holiday home ownership wonder how long do static caravans last? There is a difference between how long a static caravan will last and how long the park will permit it to remain on the plot. Not only will this article will help you understand how long a static caravan will last but also offer you some helpful tips to help you preserve the life of your static caravan.

What is the actual caravan life expectancy of a static caravan?

Static caravans can go on for years and years depending on how they’re kept obviously. The life expectancy of a static caravan can be extended because every part of a static caravan can be renewed and refurbished. So, the question could be how long do you want to keep a static caravan and how much preservation work can you do! Its not unusual to see static caravans from 20 – 30 years old end up on farms, building sites or even people back gardens. Whilst they can still be repaired and have a use static caravan’s will always be around. When the static caravan become in a static of disrepair they can be stripped down used for scrap.

How long should I keep a static caravan on park

When you buy a static caravan on a park, the park operator/owner obviously wants to keep a nice park for future years. It’s not unusual for the park to set a number of years cap on a new static caravan. This is to safeguard the future of the park from unsafe, run down static caravan bringing down the standard of the park. The pitch licence can range from 10 – 20 years depending on the park/company. The years a park offers is an estimate of how many years they believe the static caravan will be safe and in a good condition to remain.

What happens at the end of the licence agreement?

The parks also ask themselves ‘how long do static caravans last’ so they have to estimate how long they think into the future using past experience, manufacturer assurances etc. Park operators usually guarantee between 10-20 years as a guarantee your static caravan can remain on site. When you static caravan comes to the end of this fixed licence agreement, you will have a few options.

  • Sell your static caravan off park to trade

If you google ‘static caravan’ traders you will find many companies offering to buy your static caravan from you. Prices and offers can vary depending on supply and demand so we would recommend obtaining a quote from at lead three different traders to give you a comparison.

  • The park may extend your pitch licence agreement

If your static caravan has aged well and remains in a safe and slightly condition the park may allow it to stay on a yearly review. Whether they grant this will depend on the condition of the static caravan as well as plot availability on park. As a business they may want to put a brand-new static caravan on your plot to enhance the park.

  • The park may buy your static caravan from you

To help you out of ownership, the park may just buy the static caravan back from you where they can dispose or sell onto trade. No one really knows how long static caravans will last so if the time comes when your static caravan has to be removed, most parks will willingly help your with this process.

  • Part exchanging your static caravan is a great option

Your park operator may offer a part exchange scheme where they can take your old static caravan in part exchange against a newer model. This is by far the best option if you want to remain a holiday home owner on the park. You may even be able to keep your same plot of more to a better one. The park taking your static caravan in part exchange will usually take care of removing from the plot and siting your new or used static caravan on the plot.

Buying a static caravan pitfalls

When people ask how long do static caravans last they often think it is a pitfall when this is not the case. Static caravans, like cars and boats will eventually depreciate and need repair and preservation. Park operator have invested millions of pounds in a park which they hope to keep nice for their owners and holidaymaker so it is perfectly reasonable they will ask for a static caravan to be assessed after a set number of years. Most owners understand this and accept there will come and day when they need to re sell their static caravan or part exchange onto something newer. Please read our popular article on pros and cons of buying a static caravan here.

Buying or selling a private static caravan

When you buy or sell a static caravan privately the years stated on your pitch licence will usually stand. Obviously check with your park operator before purchasing or selling your static caravan to check on this. Read our helpful article on selling your static caravan privately which may offer more guidance on this.

Is there a static caravan value guide?

There is a glass’s guide for static caravans which is the only industry recognised valuation service. When asking how long do static caravans last you may be wondering how much they will be worth in future years. This can depend on the following factors

  • Condition
  • Years remaining on park
  • Supply and demand
  • Location
  • Plot on park
  • Outlook

Can we make our static caravan last longer?

Rather than asking how long do static caravans last? You may want to know how can you make them last longer? Here are a few Parklink tips for you to consider when buying a static caravan.

  • Galvanized chassis

The chassis the the backbone of your static caravan. A galvanised chassis will help prevent rust and erosion in future years. In our opinion if your park is next to the sea a galvanised chassis an an absolute must!

  • Look after your static caravan

Clean the gutters, clean a couple of times a year and check for any areas where moisture may get in. Maintaining maintaining your static caravan over the years will help preserve the life expectancy.

Static caravan warranties cover many aspects over many years. This is work researching when looking to buy because different manufacturers offer different warranties. Warranties can cover structure, windows and doors as well as the internal parts. Choosing a static caravan from a manufacturer offering a long comprehensive warranty makes perfect sense.

Thanks for reading!

We hope this article has helped answer you question of how long do static caravans last in full. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Parklink.

Now you know how long static caravans are likely to last, perhaps you are considering ownership yourself? Static caravan ownership can give you and your family a brand-new leisure lifestyle! 

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