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How much is my static caravan worth?

How much are static caravans worth and why are worth different amounts depending where you buy one? This article will delve into this subject so if you’re wondering how much is my static caravan worth then read on to discover more.

How much is my static caravan worth to you?

When asking yourself how much is my static caravan worth its worth looking considering who you will be selling to, which will help you determine a selling price. The buyer of your static caravan is not over concerned with how much you have paid for your static caravan and will want to pay the right amount themselves. Here are the following buyers for your static caravan to help you work out a fair worth.

Static caravan trader

Traders can be very useful if you are looking for a quick sale because they can be there to buy right away. Your static caravan may be worth less to a trader as they need to build in transport, storage and re selling to make a profit.

Park operator

Your park operator may be able to buy your static caravan back from you however it will be worth considerably less than what you paid for it. The reason for this is they will need to buy and re -sell to hopefully make a profit. The benefit for a park operator is they can buy your static caravan on site fully set up and ready to go. In this case your static caravan may be worth more than selling off park to trade.

Private buyer

Provided the park allows, you can sell your static caravan to a private buyer which the park should help facilitate for you. This way of selling will involve advertising and managing yourself unless the park will help in this matter. When considering how much your static caravan is worth, check out similar selling prices or ask the park for their opinion.

How much should I sell my static caravan for?

If you are working out how much your static caravan is worth in order to sell then consider the following factors:

Location – Is the location of your static caravan highly desirable? If so, this can affect the worth of your static caravan. Static caravans can be worth different amounts depending on the location. For example, static caravans for sale in Dorset cost more than static caravans for sale in Skegness.

Supply & demand – How are static caravans selling on your park? If your holiday park is full with a waiting list then this can really help you get a good price when selling your caravan

Condition – The condition of your caravan is very important when coming to sell. If your static caravan is in pristine condition with no smoking or pets you can expect it to be worth more than other worn-out models

Current market – Right now the static caravan market in the UK is buoyant with many parks achieving the full selling price for static caravans sold. This is great for you as a private owner because your caravan may be worth more at this time.

Static caravan site fees – You may want to consider and compare how much your static caravan site fees are because this can affect your selling price. Site fees can differ from park to park so check out our list of static caravan site fees blog to find out more on this subject.

Static caravan insurance

If you’re wondering how much your static caravan is worth to insure then you need to consider what type if insurance policy you would like. Our advice would be to go for a new for old policy to get a new one of equivalent. In this case you can contact your park operator to ask what a new one would cost. That said, most insurance companies have access to caravan manufacturer price lists and offer a blanket cover to suit most models up to a certain value. Static caravan insurance is something you must have to cover you for public liability as well as other important risk factors.

Will my caravan depreciate?

As a general rule of thumb static caravans will depreciate over time however this can depend on a number of factors:

  • Popularity of UK staycation holidays
  • Condition
  • Supply & demand
  • Manufacturing of new models

Although static caravans will depreciate over time, the value you have over the years in terms of holidays and family memories are priceless.

Static Caravan Selling Prices

One if the quickest ways to find out how much my static caravan is check out how much similar models are selling for on your holiday park and location. Once you have found this information you can compare your model in terms of condition and work out roughly how much your model could be worth. If you are looking to sell the fix a fair price and stick to it because buyers may try and offer you less than its true worth.

How to sell my static caravan

Once you have decided to sell your static caravan our advice would be to notify the park and discuss your options. If you decide to advertise and sell privately then we can help you advertise in all the right places. Visit our selling page here.

What kind of things help your static caravan hold its value

To help your static caravan hold its value in the future you can take the following steps now.

Keep your static caravan clean, tidy and in original conditions – One things traders look at is the condition of the static caravan and whether it is in original condition as this helps determine the worth.

Ensure you have all original paperwork and manuals to go with items inside – This is good practice for yourself and future owners.

The chassis is the backbone of the static caravan so ensuring this is structurally sound and free of rust is important. The overall worth of your static caravan will decrease if the chassis has eroded and cannot be moved. If you have a galvanised chassis this is even better whereas a normal chassis may need treatment every couple of years.

Do certain static caravan models hold their value better than others?

Over the years we have noticed certain models hold their worth more than others. The determining factor is the quality and build of the static caravan you originally buy. Because manufacturers are continuously upping their game it remains to be seen which models will hold their value the best in the future! The UK has a great history in static caravan building using the very best construction methods.

Manufacturers we recommend include the following:

  • Willerby
  • Atlas
  • Pemberton
  • Victory
  • Sunseeker
  • Delta
  • Carnaby

Thank you for reading!

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