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Buying A Static Caravan Pitfalls

Buying A Static Caravan Pros

If you’re interested to know what buying a static caravan pros and cons are, you’ve come to the right place. Buying a static caravan for the first time is a huge decision and one you need to go into with your eyes wide open. Here at Parklink we would like to help you make the right decision for you and your family to enjoy long term holidays in a place you’ll really love.

When you buying a static caravan for the right reasons can be a wonderful lifestyle choice. Statistics show around 80% of people venturing into the world of holiday home ownership find it’s an enjoyable experience. You get to focus on the important things in life such as family, friends, hobbies and enjoy a brand new leisure lifestyle.

Why rent when you can own your own?

Many holidaymakers dream of one day owning their very own home away from home. Buying a static caravan is the obvious choice where your dream can become a reality. Returning to a location that you love, to enjoy a holiday whenever you please is a great luxury. That said, buying a static caravan should always be considered carefully by those keen to take the plunge into ownership.

Holiday at times to suit you

A huge advantage you’ll  get from owning your own static caravan is the opportunity to go on holiday whenever you choose.  Owning a static caravan on a park gives you the flexibility to arrive and depart at a time to suits you! Whether you want to show up and 3:00am in the morning or 12:00am at night, the choice is yours. They’ll be no need to ‘book’ or ‘check in’, which can appeal to many people in need of flexibility.

Guarantee the quality of your accommodation

Booking accommodation online can be a roulette and a mystery at times. Often you will fall lucky and receive a nice standard of accommodation which will match the images and description of the static caravan you have booked. Other times you may get let down, moved to an alternative or something may not be quite as described.  Who enjoys spending hours browsing for the best rates in the most desirable locations only to feel let down when they find they’re fully booked?

Knowing where you are going AND the quality of accommodation you are staying in can give you great piece of mind!

Meet friendly like minded people

Whilst communities we build at home are important, sometimes we need to look further afield and consider where else we can become part of something. The great thing about holiday home ownership is you’ll be surrounded by like minded people who also enjoy getting away and enjoying a UK staycation! You’re able to choose your park based on your interests and circumstances; for example, if you have children, find a family-friendly holiday park that your children will be able to make friends on. Building lasting relationships on a holiday park is great for sociable people and could present a better option than visiting a different holiday park every year. These are all important considerations when looking into buying a static caravan pros and cons.

Earn income from your static caravan

Have you ever considered letting out your static caravan to other holidaymakers while you aren’t there? This can be a great source of income, especially during the peak months, such as the summer holidays. Many holiday parks have fantastic letting schemes where they can take care of all aspects of the letting for you. This will work well as you can enjoy many holidays whilst making it help towards running costs. There are cons associated with letting out your holiday home which you need to be aware of and ensure you have prepared for.

  • Holiday makers will not always leave in immaculate condition – Ensure you have good cleaners in place
  • You may suffer the odd breakage – Ensure you have adequate insurance to cover subletting
  • It may be let when you want to use – Rent out your holiday home in blocks and plan your time in first.
  • The holiday home will suffer wear & tear – With more use comes more wear & tear however the income you will make will outweigh the expense of replacing the carpet eventually or repair works.

Make Amazing Memories

While the initial investment in a static caravan represents a large purchase. It’s important to recognize the long-term enjoyment you will get from owning your own – Memorable family holidays, on your own terms, in a place that you love can mean a lot. If you value freedom, relaxation and family time then holiday home ownership will benefit you.

Of course when looking at buying a static caravan pros and cons its important we look at the pitfalls as well as the benefits. Read on to discover the cons of buying a static caravan.

Pitfalls of buying a static caravan

Whilst it’s true that most people who have bought a static caravan report it to be one of the ‘best things they’ve ever done‘, there can be a few pitfalls of buying a static caravan which you need to consider! 

Visiting the same park and location

Are you the kind of person that struggles to stay in the same place?  If so, you may struggle with the concept of visiting the same location time and time again. While it can be comforting to grow familiar with your surroundings, some may find this monotonous over time. Having said that, most parks are situated in stunning surroundings with national parks with plenty of trails and walks nearby.  This means there’s plenty of opportunity to get out and about, adding variety to your experience.

Static caravan site fees

When buying a static caravan there are two costs you need to consider. The cost of buying the caravan as well as the ongoing running costs including:

  • Site fees
  • Rates
  • Insurance
  • General maintenance

Static caravan site fees can range from £2000 – £10,000 depending on the park facilities, standards and of course the location. Holiday parks can raise site fees in line with inflation and general park expenses however this is usually done in a fair manner. The park will always explain site fee costs with you before you purchase and you will need to ensure you can afford to pay these on a yearly basis.

List of static caravan site fees

Its hard to find a list of static caravan site fees as this can differ from park to park. Its not always a good idea to hunt for the cheapest static caravan site fees as the park and service may be poor. Our advice is to visit the holiday parks and see what you get for your site fees before deciding if they are good value. In fact we may consider putting together a list of static caravans site fees for our users so comment below if this is something you would like to see.

Will you use the static caravan

When people consider buying a static caravan pros and cons they wonder if they buy a static caravan, will they use it. There is nothing worse than a beautiful new holiday home sitting on a holiday park unused and unloved. Owning your own static caravan means it needs to be used, whether you are renting out for an income, allowing family and friends to use or using on a regular basis yourself. This is something you need to consider before going ahead with a purchase. 

Ownership responsibility

Just as you need to invest into your home to maintain it, it’s the same with a static caravan. Allow for general upkeep and maintenance to ensure that your static caravan is in safe and sound condition. For many, maintaining a static caravan can give a great sense of pride of ownership and accomplishment. For others, maintaining their own home as well as a static caravan can be a challenge.  Parks usually provide services to help maintain your caravan including gas and electric servicing.  These services can be convenient and necessary however you will need to allow for this outlay. When considering buying a static caravan pros and cons this can be something often overlooked by many.

Selling your static caravan

When buying a static caravan you may want to consider the process if you ever need to sell. This can be one of the pitfalls of owning a static caravan!

If you decide to sell you really need to be aware of the sales process.

Your static caravan is a valuable asset and at some point in the future you may want to sell.  Many trusted holiday parks will help you will this process and offer a price to buy it back from you.

Ensure you know what the company policy if so you can plan ahead. Here at Parklink we have a dedicated page where you can advertise your private caravan for sale. Click here to find out more.

Buying A Static Caravan Help

Are you considering buying your own static caravan?

Travelling abroad is becoming more problematic and more people stay here in the UK. Having your own static caravan somewhere within easy driving distance presents the perfect holiday solutions. Spending time with loved ones enjoying the things you like to do in a wonderful setting.

Now you’ve discovered the benefits and pitfalls of buying a static caravan perhaps you’d like to discover more?

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Thank you for reading our article. We would love to hear any further pros and cons you think would be worth sharing with people. Click HERE to read another great blog called ‘Static caravans for sale UK‘ which explains certain features about the Parklink website.

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