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Static Caravan Rent

1.) What is a static caravan?

A static caravan is a pre-built habitable structure manufactured in the UK by companies such as Willerby, ABI, Swift & Pemberton. You can purchase a static caravan to rent and/or use yourself for regular breaks.

Static caravan transport

Static caravans are transported from a to b using a low loader truck with many transport companies available in the UK. It is then sited on a permanent basis and can be easily moved to a different spot and re-sited using a tractor or powerful 4×4 vehicle

What standard are they built to?

Static caravans are usually built to EN1647 standard making them suitable for the holiday season in the UK. Top of the range static caravans include double glazing, central heating as well as most modern features found in a modern home. In recent years consumers have demanded higher static caravan standard so manufacturers offer in BS3632 standard making them usable for 12 months of the year in the UK.

Who buys static caravans?

Parks purchase static caravans to rent or to sell on to holiday home owners. Consumers purchase to use themselves plus sublet to generate income.

static caravans

2.) Why choose a static caravan?

Whether you buy a basic static caravan or a luxury model depends on the market you are aiming for. A luxury static caravan will attract a higher price per week, however if you opt for a basic static caravan the initial investment will be far less.

Holiday home ownership gives you a great feeling and pride and belonging which will enhance your lifestyle. This is your escape, bolthole and second home. If you buy a static caravan to rent out only then you may lose this sense of pride and ownership. This can depend on how often you let and the reasons you have the holiday home for however something to consider.

Many looking to purchase a static caravan wonder if they will allow holidaymakers to use. There are many aspects you need to consider when deciding whether to rent your caravan. This article discusses the pros and cons to help with your decision making.

3.) Static Caravan For Sale

In order to own a static caravan you first need to decide where you would like to own one. This can be close to home where you’ll have the convenience to look after it or perhaps you have a special location in the UK where you would prefer to be. Here on the Parklink portal you’ll find static caravans for sale Cornwall & Devon which is a great place to own. You should consider if its something you would enjoy visiting and add some nice extras for people to enjoy a holiday. This includes static caravan decking, table & chairs, games, beach items.

4.) Should Your Buy A Static Caravan

A staric caravan is a great asset to own giving you a few options.. 1. You can use yourself for family holidays throughout the year 2.) Your can gift to family & friends to use for their holidays which gives you a great sense of joy. 3.) Bring in an extra income when you are not able to use yourself. Lets look into the pros & cons below:


Pro’s of renting your static caravan

  • Letting income

People who buy a static caravan can see a healthy return on their investment. With holiday makers willing to pay up to 3000 per week its no wonder many people and investors go down this route.

  • Full managed letting service

Many holiday parks offer a fully managed letting service where they handle all the bookings for you. Taking care of cleaning, linen, checking, booking and queries. This leaves you to enjoy holiday home ownership and the income without lifting a finder yourself.

  • Put your static caravan to good use

Allowing other people to use and enjoy your holiday home can be rewarding. It maybe you are not able to use your holiday home all the time due to work and family commitments. So why not let another family enjoy your holiday home also whilst earning an extra income along the way!

  • Make Ownership Affordable

Subletting your static caravan can mean the difference between having a holiday home or not. You may be happy to purchase the holiday home however find the yearly ground rent and associated fees unfeasible. If you sublet, you may offset your running costs all together leaving you free to enjoy holidays when not let. This is a great compromise allowing you afford the luxury lifestyle holiday home ownership brings.

  • Caravan Tax advantages

Are you aware of the great tax breaks available if you let your static caravan for a certain number of weeks per year? Run your holiday home as a business and you can claim for certain costs associated with running your holiday home business.

  • Choose a model with all the extra’s

If you decide to rent your static caravan you may look to purchase a better model to enhance your letting income and enhance the overall comfort of your holiday home. The extra money you could earn from bookings and the level of comfort you will have when you use will be worth it! Certain features which may appeal to holidaymakers include:

  • Entertainment system including music streaming
  • Hot tub
  • Decking area
  • Extra wide model
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Upgraded furniture, fixtures & fittings
  • Wine cooler
  • Washing machine & dishwasher

As you can see, there are many pros to renting out your asset to generate an income. With a little thought and organisation, you can really make renting out your holiday home work for you.

static caravan pros cons

Cons of renting

  • Less flexibility

Should you decide to buy a static caravan, you will need to commit to dates you want to rent. It could be you feel like using your holiday home at times when rented. Not renting out at all give you the flexibility to use as and when the mood takes you.

  • Wear & tear

With your caravan being let out you are bound to incur greater wear and tear on the carpets & soft furnishings. It could be you are super house proud and want to keep things in the best condition for the longest amount of time. With subletting this will be a harder task due to the amount of people you will have using your holiday home. Keeping your static caravan maintained to a high standard will help prolong the lifespan.

Check out this useful video which contains some great static caravan maintenance tips 👇

  • Damage

If you are investing allot of money into your static caravan you want to know its being kept in good order. There is always a risk your holiday home could get damaged, either accidental or malicious. Whilst you can be insured for this kind of issue it can still be a hassle to claim and sort out repairs or replacements.

  • Running costs

Whilst it is true your rental can demand a great income there may be small costs which you need to allow for. This may include:

  • Safety checks on gas, electric, fire extinguisher and safety alarms
  • Commission and admin charges due to an agent
  • Tax to be deducted from income
  • Minor repair charges not covered by insurance

static caravan park


As you can see there are many pros and cons. This article has given an honest balanced approach which I’m sure will help you make that all-important decision for yourself. Also, worth remembering with letting your holiday home, it isn’t a lifetime contract. Usually you would commit to letting for a season so you can always try it out to see if it works for you and how much profit you make from it.

Thank you for reading!

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