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Buying A Static Caravan For The First Time

Buying a static caravan for the first time can be a daunting prospect for some. There may be numerous questions you ask yourself such as will we use it? How much do static caravans cost? The list goes on and on. A key questions to ask yourself right from the start is how often you will use it? If you’re thinking perhaps only once or twice a year then buying a static caravan may not be for you. Most people really enjoying static caravan ownership use theirs on a regular basis along with family and friends. It really is a second home you can escape to at times when you just really feel like a break.

First Time Static Caravan Buyer Advice

Our advice to people wondering how to buy a static caravan for the first time is to firstly consider where in the UK they want to buy then explore and request a brochure from a few parks in this area. Start now by searching holiday parks listed here on Parklink – They call offer static caravans to buy in the best locations of the UK. When people first buy a holiday home they have armed themselves with as much info as possible then taken a leap of faith. The great thing is you can always buy a pre loved static caravan to start you off then upgrade in the future. Finally we encourage you to read all the information relating to buying a static caravan you can to help you make an informed decision.

Buying A Static Caravan

If you are considering buying a static caravan then you’re not alone. With more people now staying in the UK for holidays along with the rising price of UK holidays, more people are buying their own bolt hole as the perfect answer. You may be wondering how much is a static caravan to buy? UK Manufacturers have a recommended retail price for their static caravans which acts as a general guide for the public. With recommended retail prices ranging from £20,000 up to £80,000 covering most models from top to bottom. Most parks charge far more than the retail price to cover park and business costs. Buying a static caravan is handled through the park itself with no need to conveyancing or solicitors. The park will give you all the relevant information you need and complete all paperwork for you to sign. 

Where To Buy A Static Caravan

If you’re considering where to buy a static caravan you should start here on Parklink. We showcase over 150 holiday parks which are located in some of the most sought-after locations in the UK. You’ll find some real gems in the UK where you’ll simply love spending more time away enjoying a new lifestyle. The location and quality of the park can often determine how much static caravan cost to buy. As a rule, the more desirable the location, park and static caravan, the higher the value and selling price. A new model, ready on park would start at £30,000 with prices on certain high-end, luxurious developments reaching £150,000. When considering where to buy a static caravan look for somewhere you feel relaxed which is not too far from home unless you are retired and can spend many weeks away.

Static caravan buyer first time deals

There are great deals to be found on static caravans so its worth looking around. It may be worth looking at the less commercial or popular locations to find a hidden gem. If you are searching for a static caravan for sale, why not use out free holiday home finder service where you can set a budget and enquire to multiple parks. We find the North East and Scotland have great deals on static caravans, especially on some of the smaller holiday parks. Most parks offer deals to people buying a static caravans for the first time to encourage people to come and enjoy the lifestyle.

Buying a static caravan in Wales

Wales has a high volume of static caravans’ parks where and prices can differ. Again, prices will generally start from around £30,000 upwards with some great buys to find. Wales is a great place to own a static caravan to enjoy many memorable holidays without the need to fly. If you’re considering buying a static caravan in Wales then check out Madryn Castle Holiday Park which is location in North Wales. They sell static caravans for a fair price and offer a amazing place to enjoy holiday home ownership. 

Static Caravan Buying Prices

Generally static caravans will go down in value however there are exemptions. If you keep your static caravan in good condition and you will be surprised by how much they will hold their value. That said, buying a static caravan should be deemed as a long term decision where the value is the number of years of enjoyment, family memories and relaxation to will get from owning your own holiday home.

Top Tips for Buying a Static Caravan

  1. Arrange finding for your purchase – Cash or finance
  2. Choose a location and view a selection of static caravan sites
  3. View a selection of static caravans and choose the best one for you
  4. Discuss possible extras with the park operator
  5. Choose a plot on site for your static caravan
  6. Complete paperwork and arrange payment
  7. Move in and start enjoying your new leisure lifestyle

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