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Why Is Static Caravan Insurance Important?

static caravan 

Static caravans can be a perfect getaway for you during the holidays or on weekends, especially if you like to spend time in the countryside. However, owning a static caravan and the property in it can sometimes be a risky business. That’s why it’s crucial to find out what types of static caravan insurance cover exist and what you need to take out. 

It’s easy to assume that caravan insurance is just another form of insurance. Still, there are some key reasons caravan insurance is different and why it’s more critical to caravan owners. Find out more in this blog post. 

Fire Damage 

There are many cases where static caravans catch fire because of electrical faults or misuse of appliances like ovens, etc. Therefore, it poses a danger, especially to those who live in the caravan and its property. Therefore, cover your static caravan at Waterside holiday park with fire damage insurance. Ensure you include all property in the insurance claim. 

It ensures that the insurance company will compensate for any damage the fire causes if such unfortunate events occur. In addition, it will provide comfort during the time of need and avoid frustrations. 

Your insurance will usually come with benefits of up to £10,000 for cover against fire damage. However, you must check your policy documents, as some insurers may not offer this level of cover regardless of what they state in the small print. 

Storm Damage 

caravan in storm

These are not very common as their sites are usually in safe places. However, you may never know when a storm may strike the holiday park site. Storms and high winds expose you and the caravan to many risks, like storm damage. There have been significant storms in the UK that destroyed many caravans, especially the roofs. 

If such a case happens, you need to have an insurance policy to cater to those damages. 

You often use static caravans as holiday homes or temporary residences. Therefore, that puts you at risk of being injured by the storm. Ensure you also have a personal cover. 


Some holiday parks include security fees in the static caravan site fees. However, it is impossible to ensure your property is safe. Static caravans are as much subject to theft as other types of property. They too have great value and therefore will attract thieves, just like houses or cars. Of course, it is tough for a thief to take a caravan away from its site, but it is not impossible. 

securing a static caravan

The caravan is also an easy target for thieves because you do not live in it permanently. Therefore, they have ample time to scout for any gaps in the camp’s security. Also, valuables in the caravan or the storage shed are a significant attraction for them.  

Therefore, take cover against theft for your belongings, fixtures, and fittings in the static caravan. In case of theft, the insurance cover will pay you the value you insured. They will also give you money to replace any broken locks. 


Accidental damages can occur in your holiday home during your absence, as you are not there to always do a thorough check. These damages may be from vermin, such as rats that eat wood or other fittings. 

Also, although static caravans are very sturdy and can withstand shock, they are not immune from accidents that may occur. For instance, there can be a lot of risks in the event of an earthquake. 

It means that you should have an insurance scheme cover that will cater for any damage done to the static caravan in case of accidents. However, you must take preventive measures to keep your static caravan safe. 


Vandalism is a primary source of concern for static caravan owners. It arises from the fact that the parks sometimes remain empty for extended periods. Therefore, malicious people take advantage of this to damage property in the holiday park. 

Vandalism leads to the loss of property worth thousands. It also forces you to repair or repaint your caravan. So, you end up spending a lot of money that you could use to pay for the static caravan site fees. If you have insurance cover, your insurance company will compensate for any damage to the static caravan if such unfortunate events occur.  


Flooding is another source of damage because of heavy rain or when the water level is higher than usual. It causes damage to wooden fittings and fixtures in your caravan, making you lose thousands of pounds. 

You should make sure that an insurance policy covers if such events occur and affect your static caravan. 

caravan flood

Towing damages

Damages when towing can lead to an enormous cost if you do not have a suitable cover. A broken caravan axle or a burst tire at the wrong time and place could prove very expensive indeed.  

You don’t want to have to deal with this expense on top of everything else. Caravan insurance will protect you against these costs, as well as any legal fees that might arise from an accident. 

Public Liability

Public liability is significant, especially if you have people renting the static caravan if someone suffers an injury while on the property. The insurance will compensate them if you have a public liability cover. Public liability also covers any legal expenses that arise from the accident, and it is essential to note that these costs can rack up quickly. The cover will save you from using your money to pay tenants who get hurt on site. 

Damage by Tenants 

Property insurance coverage for accidental or malicious damage does not apply while leasing or renting it out. You can, however, take out an additional insurance policy when renting it out. During the rental period, the insurance will cover accidental damages, malicious damages, and theft. 


Static caravan insurance can vary depending on the company doing business with. Therefore, it is essential to know the right coverage needed to ensure that it covers the caravan and your property in all cases possible. It provides you with compensation in case your caravan gets damaged by weather, vandalism, or theft. The compensation will go a long way to help you recover from the loss. 

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