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10 Must-Have Accessories in Your Static Caravan

Camping out in nature is a beautiful way to spend your holiday. To have an excellent experience, you need to equip your static caravan with accessories similar to your home.

Having these appliances will make your stay more enjoyable and manageable. To help you decide on what to bring, here are ten accessories that we think are necessary.

old caravan

1. Portable Fan

You can buy a portable fan anywhere in the market today. Although some modern caravans have a pre-installed air conditioner, they need mains electricity or generator power to function.

Portable fans are rechargeable, easy to carry, and you can use them anywhere you want. They enable you to maximise airflow and maintain an optimum atmosphere in the caravan, specifically on your desk or bedside stool.

Another advantage of using a portable fan is that it uses less power than an AC unit, making it much cheaper to maintain. You also have the option of mounting it in a convenient position in your caravan.

2. Mobile Router

Today, we use the internet to access a lot of information, and it has become an essential part of our lives. Even while you’re holidaying in your caravan, you’d want to stay up-to-date with the happenings around the world and keep in touch with friends through social sites. A mobile router will be helpful, especially in areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.

Mobile routers work the same way as the internet box, but it uses a SIM card instead of a phone cable. One mobile router connects numerous gadgets to the internet. So, you do not worry about internet disconnection in remote areas.

3. Moisture Traps

Not the most exciting of static caravan accessories, however a great thing to have handy. If your static caravan is parked in a damp place, a moisture trap will prove to be a vital accessory. It will also help you keep small spaces inside the holiday home free from moisture. Doing so will prevent mould from forming inside the caravan while you are away.

Thus, you can relax knowing that your caravan at the waterside holiday park is safe all the time.

4. Static Caravan Outdoor Furniture

When you go camping, you want to spend as much time with nature as you can. Therefore, you need to have camping chairs and a table that you can carry whenever you want to relax outdoors.

You can create a comfortable sitting area near your camping site where you spend time with your friends and family. It is very relaxing to eat meals outdoors after an adventurous day. You can also prepare your barbecue as you enjoy watching the beautiful setting sun.

Although most campsites try to ensure the security of your property and charge you the static caravan site fees, secure your furniture safely before you leave the grounds.

Camping chair

5. Gas BBQ

This BBQ gives you a convenient way to prepare your meals, allowing you to make the most out of your holiday. Cooking using a BBQ enables you to prepare delicious food in a fun way. It also saves you from the hassle of making open fires outdoors when you want to cook.

You can even buy a disposable BBQ at the camping site if you do not want to keep it for long or carry many items.

However, there are some cautions you need to follow while using a BBQ at a campsite. Never use a BBQ inside, on the decking, or within the proximity of the static caravan site to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, before packing it up, ensure that it has cooled down completely.

6. Fire Safety Accessories

You must have fire safety accessories in your static caravan. You can install a fire and smoke detector so that you know when fires start early. A dry powder extinguisher that can fight category B and C fires is crucial for a static caravan.

If you do not know how to use the fire extinguisher, it will be necessary to learn early.

Also, invest in a fire blanket, fire bucket, and carbon monoxide detector. These items are essential in keeping you and your property safe from fires and poisonous gases.

It is necessary to check if they are working well and are easy to access when needed.

7. Chargers

You’ll need to charge your electrical appliances such as your smartphone, laptop, and tablets. Therefore, you must pack the adapters and power cords when you go camping. If possible, you can keep extra charges in the holiday home to prevent chances of you forgetting them at home.

8. Kitchen Appliances

You will need to cook while you are at the camp. Therefore, kitchen accessories are a must-have. Apart from a fridge and a cooker, pack crockery, pans, blender, toaster, plates, bowls, and so on. You need enough items to feed people who might stay in the caravan with you, especially if you have a family.

You will also need glasses and cups for various drinking needs. These items include everyday glasses, bamboo glasses for children, wine, beer, and gin glasses.

Magic knife set will be helpful as you can use it for almost all your cooking needs, from cutting meat to slicing fruits.

9. Entertainment Gear

There are so many ways you can entertain yourself while camping. One way is to read books. If you enjoy reading books, you should have a small collection of your favourite books.

You can also bring DVDs and buy a TV to watch movies or your favourite music. It is an ideal entertainment option if you have children.

Other entertainment materials that you can have in your holiday home include game consoles and indoor and outdoor games.

10. Torch and Toolbox

It is essential to have a toolbox and a step ladder in your caravan to enable you to do some little DIY jobs or minor repairs, such as fixing a cut power cable and replacing a fuse. You might even want to build a shade near your caravan or flat-pack furniture.

Also, a torch is necessary when there is no power, or you need to go out at night. It can help you find your way in the dark and also provide extra security.


There are so many accessories that are essential in a caravan. To ensure you have everything you need, make a list of those that are vital for you. It will also prevent you from buying unnecessary items that will congest your holiday home.

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