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Is TV License Mandatory in a Caravan?

Are you planning a summer holiday and wondering whether you need a license to use your TV on the go? We will help you to know if you need one on the trip that you have always anticipated. As you go camping in a caravan at that scenic site you noted a few months ago, you need to fully prepare so that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law. 

Whether you intend to buy a new static caravan or rent one, you may need to understand if a television license is necessary during the holiday. Once everything is set, your long-awaited holiday can begin.

So, when is a TV license mandatory in a caravan?

Must you have a permit if you already have one for the television at home? These are the questions that might be bothering you now as you finalise your holiday preparations.

This blog post will give you all the answers you need so that your trip will be flawless. Read on to understand everything there is to know about television licensing when living in a static caravan on your holiday.

When Is a TV License for a Static Caravan Mandatory


You will need a license to watch or record TV programs, stream live TV, or use BBC iPlayer

The UK law requires one to have a TV license to watch or record any TV programs while on holiday using any device. If your luxury caravan is your only home, then you need one for it.

You own a home and the holiday caravan, and while on holiday, you may have left someone at home, your children or the house help perhaps, and they will use the TV. Here, you require a second license if someone at home might watch or record a programme when you are also doing it.

If you plan to rent out the caravan to another person, you have to ensure it has its license. You never know if the person may use the TV at the same time as you.

If you are renting luxury static caravans, ensure that the owner has a TV license for TV before using any device to watch or record television programs while staying there.

If you are eligible for pension credits benefits, you get a free TV license. Above 75 years old, you are not eligible.

When Is the TV License Not Required

There is an exemption from getting a TV license for your static caravan. If you never use or plan to use the TV or any device to watch television programs while you are at the caravan, this exemption applies to you.

It does not also apply if you never use the devices to watch TV concurrently, at home and the caravan. You can use one license for both cases. If this is the case, you have to provide the TV licensing agency with a filled and signed declaration form, the non-simultaneous use declaration form. 

You can download the form from the agency’s website, fill it and mail it to them before moving into the caravan. You can also fill the form online using Adobe Reader before printing it.

However, note that this exemption only applies if your static caravan is mobile, it can be towed or transported using a vehicle. If it is permanent, the declaration does not hold. If you aren’t sure that you will adhere to this declaration throughout your stay, you must pay for the license earlier.

You will not need a TV license if you use your TV for purposes other than watching live television programs. Those who use them as monitors for their PCs to view On-Demand Content outside of BBC iPlayer, in sites like Netflix, YouTube, are in this category.

Penalties of Not Having A License

What will happen if I don’t pay for the TV license? 

In the UK, the government requires one to pay a fine of £1000, and if you live in Jersey, the fee is £500. For those in Guernsey, you pay £2000. Legal costs and compensation fees may also apply. If you cannot pay the court fees, you will go to jail. The licensing agency makes routine checks to find out who is not abiding by the law, and, therefore, it is hard for one to get away with it.

You can save yourself the headache of going through this if you adhere to the law.

How Do You Pay for The License?

Paying for a TV license for the new static caravan is the same as paying for your home TV license. The annual cost for a colour license is £157.50. For the black and white, it is £53.

What Does The License Cover

The license will cover any device you will use to watch live television programs, such as TV, computers, tablets, phones, and laptops.

Other Costs to Consider


Apart from the license fee, you should keep in mind other costs you will incur for owning the new static caravan. These costs include; Utility fees, maintenance fees, servicing fees, and park fees.


Plan on how you will keep your caravan warm if you are staying here during winter.   


You can also take insurance when you find a static caravan for sale. Although this is not mandatory, it will help in protecting your property.

Bottom Line

When buying a static caravan and planning to use TV services, ensure you also purchase a TV license for the property if you will not be adhering to the non-simultaneous use agreement or do not intend to fill it out.


If you own luxury static caravans, ensure you have a license for all of them, in case TV service will be in use in all of them simultaneously. 


It is necessary to ensure that you cover all sectors before you go for the holiday; do your due diligence. Do not let a minor issue such as missing a TV license ruin your holiday spirit and prevent you from having a fulfilling holiday.

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