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An Easy Guide to Caravanning with Pets


An easy guide to caravanning with pets

Why caravanning with pets? Well many people love their pets, and leaving them behind on holiday is too much to bear. As a result, it is common to see people planning a dog or cat-friendly caravan holiday.

Besides, pets could be just the perfect companion you need to have a memorable holiday. This is not surprising as most caravan parks welcome pets, with many features to make them comfortable.

As a result, dogs in caravans are a common sight at many locations, and you can do many things to make the caravan experience a good one for everyone. For instance, getting a static caravan awning can make your caravan pretty and give you and your pets some outdoor space to sit and relax.

Read on to find out easy ways to go caravan holiday with pets.


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Will my pet like the caravan?

Your pets may be unable to express opinions concerning lodges for sale or fixed beds, but the new sound and smell are something they can get used to. Observe your pet’s behaviour in the caravan to know how your pet will cope. It is a good omen if your dog is cheerfully out of the window or winking at passers-by. Make your static caravan dog friendly by creating no-go zones and keeping harmful things out of reach.

There are many affordable static caravans for sale on small sites. There are also pet-friendly companies with luxury static caravans for those who can afford them. However, pets may take a while to adapt, so take it slow to make them familiar with your caravan.

On the other hand, if you have a tourer, you can take them for a short drive to observe their reaction. If it’s a static caravan, allow them to explore the area to get familiar. To make them more comfortable, get your pet’s bed or favourite blanket in the caravan for them to have something familiar to relax. Getting a super soft camper van dog bed is a good idea if you need an upgrade.


1.   Train Your Pets


Training your pet will go a long way to make life easy for everyone involved when you go caravanning with them. Take your dog on a short ride to visit a few new places. The trip will expose your dog to new situations and should increase the travelling experience.

Ensure you know your dog’s allergies or triggers. Also, know how to control your dog and avoid such triggering situations. Before caravanning with dogs, ensure your pet is well-trained to be relaxed in an unfamiliar environment and with strangers. In addition, train your dog to avoid unnecessary barking at night.

Keep your pet’s favourite treats and reward them for good behavior.


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2.   Insulate Your Caravan


Leaving your pet alone in the caravan is dangerous. The temperature may heat up in the summer leading to dangerous limits that are fatal to pets. The easiest way to avoid the situation is to insulate the camper or static caravan. Ensure you maintain a steady and regulated temperature conducive to you and your pets. Proper vents come with tangible benefits, such as:

  • Consistent regulation of internal temperature
  • Reduce humidity and condensation
  • Tackle offensive odors and pollutants

There are many ways to insulate your caravan, and some ways will not even cost you a dime.

Park your touring caravan in shady places, and remember that what comforts you is different from what comforts your pet. However, the temperature may not be of concern in cooler months but ensure you still insulate your van. For example, you can install a draft excluder on your caravan in colder months. If you plan to get static caravans for sale Yorkshire, look for one that’s properly insulated and well-ventilated.

However, many factors can help you get an excellent static caravan. As far as pet ventilation is concerned, it is best to get a caravan with proper insulation. Proper insulation regulates internal temperatures by reducing excessive cold or heat from moving in.

3.   Consider a Crate


A comfortable crate is the best option if you’re thinking about stopping cats escaping garden UK. Look for a collapsible, rigid plastic or wire crate that reduces the severity of injury during an accident. In addition, it restricts the pet from distracting the driver.

However, you must train your pet to be comfortable in it and see it as a safe place. Depending on size, the crate may take up space in your camper or static caravan. Use an octopus strap to position the crate in the seat middle against the boot divider. The securing will keep the pet safe if a collision happens from behind.

On the other hand, consider installing window guards for cat UK. This is a good choice for when they will be out of their crate.


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4.   Pack the Essentials


There are essential things you must have when caravanning with your pets.

  • A sturdy collar and leash. In addition, it is a rule to keep your dog on a leash while camping.
  • Medication or treatment equipment should be suitable for your pets to tackle all treatments, injuries, and emergencies.
  • A long chain or wire is used as a caravan dog enclosure to prevent your dog from leaving your campsite or running off.
  • Food and water bowls are necessary to make easy meals for caravanning with your pets.
  • Water bags to carry litres and keep the place clean after your dog.
  • A familiar bed or blanket will make it easy for the pet to feel comfortable. You can bring the bed from home to tackle nervous pets.
  • A muzzle is needed to restrain the dog from biting because unusual places may trigger agitation in dogs. Bringing a muzzle is taking precautions against such situations.

5.   Create Prohibited Areas


If you’re looking for a dog caravan, browse static caravans for sale Scotland with sea view and a list of static caravan site fees 2021 to know how much you’re budgeting. Your caravan may need more space. However, you need caravan dog enclosure areas where your pet can live freely.

In addition, be mindful of where you keep your food, as some human foods can harm pets. Also, keep your pet away from the kitchen and areas where you prepare meals. In addition, ensure that any toxic or cleaning products are kept out of your pet’s reach.

Create a comfortable place by setting your pet with their station. If your van lacks space, you can look for holiday chalets or a woodland cabin for sale online.



Having a pet-friendly caravan is the best way to enjoy caravanning with pets. If you’re thinking of driving caravans with dogs or other pets, use the above tips to start a comfortable holiday home for your four-legged companion.

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