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Top 5 Tips For Purchasing A Caravan For The First Time

Purchasing a caravan is an exciting experience, but it can also be a complicated and confusing one. It is especially true if you are a first time caravan buyer. Besides, buying a caravan is an enormous investment as you will use it for many years to come.

The caravan you get might make a difference between having a memorable holiday and one that gives you nightmares. Having a luxurious caravan also makes it easy for you to go on holiday whenever you choose. Moreover, you can also rent it out to make some money.

It is, therefore, ideal that you ensure your holiday home meets all your preferences and those of your family before you invest your hard-earned money in it. 

As a buyer, you need to know everything that you can about caravans before purchasing one. This blog will look at the top five things that you should consider before buying a caravan.

static caravan skirting

Work with A Budget

When searching for static caravans for sale, the first thing to consider is how much you want to spend buying one. The amount of money you have will determine the size of the caravan you can get. It’ll also determine if you can buy a used one or a new one.

Buying a pre-owned caravan is cheaper than a new one. It is more beneficial if you have a family and are looking for a large one to fit the entire family. The only disadvantage of getting a used caravan is that you cannot model it to your likes.

Getting a new one will enable you to customise it, choose how to furnish it, and model it to your liking. Also, it is damage-free and needs no repair. If your budget allows, go for a new one for added advantage.

The budget should also cover the costs of re modelling where necessary. Ensure all the costs involved are within your budget.

static caravan budget

Inspect the Caravan Structure

It has become easier to find sited caravans for sale these days however as a first time caravan buyer you need to find out more. But does its structure meet your demands? To know if it does, you must inspect it. You can go with an engineer that you trust to help you in the inspection.

One crucial factor to consider is the insulation layers. Go for a composite structure and not the aluminium structure. Caravans with a composite structure remain cool on the inside during the summer and warm during the winter. These caravans are also durable.

Also, check the moisture levels using a damp meter. It is important to note if there is water ingress. Water ingress causes damages to the structure and furnishings. It also encourages the growth of fungi because of the dampness inside the caravan. High levels of moisture can lead to health issues such as pneumonia.

Other things to check for are scratches and safety certificates which should be up to date.

Luxury caravan kitchen

Choose a Suitable Layout

A suitable layout is essential as this will be your home, either a permanent one or for holidays. It must have the specifications you want. In the interior, find out the berth measurements. Its size will determine how many people can sleep there.

Therefore, if you have kids, it is advisable to go for the one built for families. Also, it’s a good idea to get a caravan with bunk beds or pull-out beds if there will be over two people living in it at a time. If it is for a couple, a double bed is more suitable than a single bed.

An onboard washroom is more suitable than using campground toilets, especially at night. If your budget allows, you can even go for one with a separate toilet and shower. They should also be at a convenient place for easy access.

Other things that you should look out for depending on your budget and personal preferences are the size of the kitchen, air conditioning, electrical and gas connections, and lights.

Research on Location and Online Reviews

Buying a caravan is a tremendous investment. Hence, you must have enough knowledge of the one you want to buy and where you will locate it. Do more research on the parks where you will set your caravan.

Know the park, see if it will meet your needs. For example, if you have a family, find out if the park is ideal for your family. Also, choose one that has a range of attraction sites to avoid boredom when on holiday. You may also want to know the size of the caravan that sits well in your preferred park.

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful holiday site that is cosy and small, static caravans for sale on small sites are an excellent option. Here you will enjoy your holiday away from the bustle of enormous crowds and noisy neighbours.

 As a first time caravan buyer we would recommend to read online reviews on the particular caravans that interest you. What do other people who have lived in them think about them? The reviews will help you know what limitations and pros each one has and make a more informed choice.

large static caravan park

How to Tow It

If the caravan is not at your desired location, consider how to get it there. You will need a towing car to move it. However, you cannot use all vehicles to tow. One thing to note is that the caravan’s weight should not be over 85% of the towing vehicle’s weight. Check if your vehicle can do the towing, or you need to hire one.

Also, if you got your license after 1st January 1997, the maximum weight allowed is 3500Kg. That is the towing vehicle and caravan weight. For those who got their license earlier than this, the maximum is 8250Kg.


As a first time caravan buyer you should always do your homework and thoroughly research the caravan you consider buying. The first step is to decide on the size you need for your family. Next, think about how much you want to spend on the caravan and consider your budget. 

As you search for a used one, look for the signs of damage from wear and tear. Finally, check for any necessary safety features in the caravan of your choice. 

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