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How To Increase Your Static Caravan Value

Static caravans are an enormous investment, and they need excellent care and attention from you to maintain their great shape. When the time comes for you to resell your caravan, it will be feasible when it is already in good condition. Increasing your static caravan value to it enables you to negotiate for a high price from the buyer when you come to sell static caravan. It makes it worth spending your money and time improving how it looks.

If you are ready to give your static caravan an appearance uplift and enhance its condition, here are helpful tips to guide you.

1. Give It Due Care and Attention

Ensure that you constantly repair any minor damages that occur on your caravan, whether it is accidental bumps, water damage, or a tear-away toddler. You shouldn’t ignore damages such as broken or leaking taps, cracked or dirty shower trays, and rear panel damages. It helps you avoid significant damages that may affect its resale value.

Also, ensure that you keep the fittings in your caravan clean. You do not want to show a holiday home with dirty grills, shelves, cooker, or stained floor to your potential buyers, as this will tremendously lower its selling price. Also, use a pressure washer to remove any dirt or debris on the exterior, then wipe off the excess water with warm soapy water.

As you do repairs, ensure you check for ripped upholstery, frayed carpets, broken catches, stains on the sink, and mould in the fridge. Most buyers will consider buying a static caravan pitfalls, and spending money to repair the damages is one of them.

To ensure that the repairs do not negatively affect your caravan’s selling price, you need to get an excellent company to do them. You can opt to go through your insurance firm to hire the companies. They will connect you to the best repair services in town. But you will have to claim your insurance if you choose this path. The other option is for you to find them yourself.

Although repairing damages may not be necessarily cheap, it will be worth it as it increases the market value of your static caravan.

2. Constantly Service It

Servicing a caravan is not expensive because it might cost you only $100 per year. But it will do a lot in maximising its value. Regular servicing helps to keep your holiday home and its fitting in an excellent shape.

You can do simple servicing methods, such as greasing the corner steadies and the overrun assembly. You can also use small amounts of silicone spray on your hinges and moving parts to ensure people can move them without squeaking sounds.

You need to service the gas system and appliances constantly. Although it is not a requirement by the law, most parks and insurance companies require you to do it. Servicing your gas system helps you to prevent leakages that might cause fires.

You also need to carry out repairs on the water heater and combi-boiler if you have them. Well-maintained boilers last longer than those that receive no care. Therefore, apart from adding value to your caravan, it also ensures that you can use it for longer.

Check the inside of the caravan and spruce up where necessary. Replace the carpet, floor, shower curtains, and scatter cushions. You can also wash the ceilings, wallboard’s, and lockers using dilute disinfectants.

Always check for any leaks in the caravan and seal them. Leaky trailers do not sell well.

3. Deal with the Dampness

A damp caravan produces a smell that buyers and dealers can quickly identify. It is a sign of water ingress and a neglected holiday caravan. The foul smell will either keep buyers off or reduce the price. This can be up there with



so its worth checking for damp the best way you can.

Also, check on any smells that may arise because of using cigarettes in the caravan or keeping pets. If you can sense any unpleasant smell in your static caravan, get an air freshening smoke bomb from a local car parts wholesaler or caravan dealer.

Alternatively, you can use professional valet services to clear the source of the smell. As a result, you can negotiate for a higher price from a buyer during static caravan sales.

4. Get the Right Accessories Fitted

With some accessories, the market price of your caravan goes up. Such gear includes:

  • Safety bands
  • Motor movers
  • Tracking devices
  • Solar panels
  • Air conditioning
  • Exterior treatments, such as Diamondbrite that add a protective coating to the paint

5. Organize Your Paperwork

When you have all the paperwork and receipts showing how you maintained and cared for your caravan, it will be easy to convince dealers to buy it at a higher price. Most of the dealers do not want to deal with these repairs themselves. Therefore, they will give you a slightly higher price if you have the papers and bills for maintenance and repairs done by you.

6. Cover Up When Possible

An excellent way to maintain the caravan’s exterior in perfect condition is to cover it up when not in use. Therefore, you need to buy a high-quality cover that is breathable and waterproof. It should also have a soft inner lining so that it does not scratch the bodywork. If you can’t find one that fits your caravan, you can get one custom made.

Make sure you add overwintering treatment if you will not be using it during winter. Also, use a towing cover when moving the caravan from the camp to the selling sites.

7. Decking

Decking is an incredible way to add value to your static caravan if you intend to sell it to a person looking for a holiday home. Most holiday homeowners love to have a deck, so installing one adds the caravan’s appeal.


Buying a static caravan in excellent condition and maintaining it will help if you decide to sell static caravan at some stage. Also, the buying price will determine the cost of reselling. Please do not invest in a large caravan that you do not need to make more money when selling it. Always go for what you love, as this increases the chances of your buyer loving it too.

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