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How Do I Choose the Best Location for My Static Caravan? 

Buying a static caravan is one of the best investments that you can make. However, before buying it, you must find a suitable holiday site to park it. Your choice of location determines your experiences while at the holiday park. You need to get a place that will ensure the safety of your caravan and enable you to create beautiful memories. 

There are many things to consider before settling for a park. To help you make the right decisions, here are seven tips to follow. 

  1. Research The Caravan Site 

Research helps you find essential details about the campsites you’re interested in. Be it Waterside holiday park or a pet-friendly campsite. The information will help you determine if you want to check it out. It will help you know how they run the base and the behavior of the general manager towards campers and their problems.  

The first place to check out is on their official Facebook page. Here you will get information about how the campsite is managed and whether or not they have the owners’ interests at heart. Also, ask people at the camp if they have any complaints about the management.  

You can also check reviews about the camp from online sites such as Tripadvisor. 

  1. Static Caravan Pitch Size


Campgrounds have varying pitch sizes, so you need to check it on your camp of choice. It will enable you to know if your static caravan will fit in the space comfortably. You may need space to add external features like decking. If your holiday home is large, you will need more space for a ramp. 

Avoid campsites that want to have as many caravans as possible on their grounds, leaving a tiny space between them. Siting your static caravan in camps with a small area around the holiday home limits the movement and expansion project you may have in mind. Therefore, ensure you go around the site to see the arrangement of the caravans. 

  1. Location of The Grounds

Before looking for holiday homes for sale, you need to find a campsite in an excellent location. Factors that will help you make the right decision in choosing the camp include: 

Proximity To Leisure Amenities  

If you want to be close to leisure amenities like parks, forests, hills, and mountains, you need to choose a campsite close to sceneries that interest you. It will reduce the time you spend on the road going to these sites, giving you time to participate in the actual activities. Camps near fishing and climbing sites provide an excellent source of entertainment, especially for children.  

You also have to consider that staying at a campsite far from these amenities will give you a quieter and better experience. Therefore, if you enjoy having a night free of noise, choose a camp situated away from the features. 

Park Features 

Check if the parks you are interested in have play areas that allow you to watch the children playing. It is crucial, especially if you have young kids, to ensure their safety.  

Also, look out for garbage disposal sites. Are there bins where you can deposit your waste for them to burn or transport to other disposal sites? The containers should also be at an accessible place. Nobody wants to walk for long distances to throw away their garbage.  

View from The Campsite 

Some camps are on sites that provide a beautiful view of the lake or sea, mountains, countryside, or national parks. If you love spending evenings watching these fantastic views, you should choose one near your favorite view. Although, you may have to pay more than when camping in areas without these views.  

Also, consider the direction of the sun to the caravan’s orientation. If you have a static caravan that faces south, you will enjoy the morning and afternoon sun. You can laze around in the evening sun after a long day’s work if the holiday home faces north.  

My static caravan

  1. My Static Caravan Maintenance

It is also important to check who carries out maintenance activities in the park, especially with plants and shrubs around. If they handle it, ask them if it will be free or if you will have to pay some maintenance fees. Also, inquire if the maintenance charges are part of the site fees.  

The information will help you decide if it is a suitable park for you.   

  1. Do They Offer Security

Your security and that of your caravan are the most important things. Also, you need to ensure that your caravan is safe from vandalism when you are away. Therefore, you need to prioritise the park’s security measures when looking for a place to set up your static caravan.  

Check if they have CCTVs installed, security guards who patrol the grounds, and register items in the caravans. You should also find out if they monitor visitors entering and leaving. 

These measures assure you they take the safety issues seriously to have peace of mind even when you are not at the camping site. 

  1. Cost and Terms

You must ask them about the fees that they charge and what it covers. It will help you determine if you can afford their rates or if you need to find another camping site. Also, check if the services that they offer give you value for your money.  

Always have in mind that high prices do not necessarily guarantee exemplary services and an excellent experience. Before you agree to their terms, ensure that you are happy with what they offer.  

Also, check if they allow you to rent out your holiday home, as this will enable you to make extra cash you can use to pay the site fees and maintain it. 

  1. Proximity to Your Home 

Unless you enjoy taking long road trips when going to your happy place, a campsite near your home is a better choice. It will enable you to get to it after driving for a short time, allowing you to relax and clean up before night-time.  


When choosing a campsite, ensure you pick the one that will enable you to get the most out of your holiday and have a fantastic experience while there. You don’t want to set up your caravan at a place that will leave you bored and frustrated on the first holiday there. 

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