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A Simple Guide for Buying a Log Cabin As Your Investment Property

You’ve been toying with the idea of buying a log cabin long enough and have finally decided to take the plunge. Well, congratulations on making one of the boldest investment decisions. Indeed, buying a log cabin as an investment property comes with numerous perks. For starters, your log cabin can serve as a source of monthly rental income. And depending on the cabin’s location, that income could be in thousands of dollars. 

Note that log cabins are usually located in remote, wooded tourist sites. That makes them perfect for vacationers looking for a rustic country experience, away from the bustling city life. As a log cabin owner, you could cash in on this opportunity to charge accommodation fees slightly higher than what regular lodge facilities charge in the same area. 

Even if you don’t rent out your log cabin, purchasing the property is still worth it. Remember, you could always decide to sell the cabin for a profit at a future date. But as you might expect, there are certain things to know before buying a log cabin as an investment property. Read on for a simple guide before investing in a log cabin.

Inside a log cabin

  • Find a Suitable Seller

There are numerous places to sample sited log cabins for sale in the UK. You can always check out the various options offered before making your purchase. Usually, the challenge is finding a reputable seller. 

But how do you establish the reputation of a log cabin manufacturer or seller before transacting with them? 

Well, start by checking the company’s track record. How long have they been in the industry, how many clients have they served, and what’s the general feedback from their past clients? Although not always the case, log cabin manufacturers who have been in the industry for a minimum of five years are likely to offer high-quality cabins. 

Another consideration when looking for a log cabin seller is to check their payment terms. Log cabins can cost a fortune. So, it’s best to choose a seller who offers flexible payment plans. 

  • Determine The Cabin’s Location

A log cabin’s location determines the amount of monthly rental income you can earn from the investment. Generally, cabins located in remote tourist spots tend to generate higher revenues. 

As you check on the location of a log cabin, also be sure to establish the kind of nearby amenities. For instance, seek to find out whether there are any static caravan parks around. Locations with static caravans in the UK are popular with vacationers, which consequently makes them ideal spots for setting up your log cabin. Other amenities to pay attention to include ski resorts, hiking trails, and national parks.

Accessibility is another significant location aspect to consider. It’s okay to want your log cabin situated in remote areas, ostensibly attracting off-grid travelers. But there should be a way to get to the cabin even during the foulest of weather conditions.

Log cabin

  • Know the Benefits of Buying a Log Cabin

We’ve already pointed out monthly rental income as one of the top benefits of buying a log cabin as an investment property. While it may take a while before breaking even, investing in a log cabin will almost always pay in the long run. But the same could be said of other investment properties like holiday homes and country lodges. So, what makes log cabins stand out? 

First off, a log cabin is straightforward to maintain. Most log cabins are situated in remote locations, eliminating ongoing intensive plumbing or electrical works.

Log cabins are also energy efficient. That’s primarily because they’re made from wood. Note that wood is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore, you may not need to install a complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to make your cabin habitable. On the flip side, though, a log cabin may not be the perfect retreat shelter during winter.

  • All Log Cabins Are Not Created Equal

Most people think of log cabins as small structures with limited square footage to accommodate one or two occupants. However, log cabins come in all shapes and sizes. 

You can find a cabin spacious enough to accommodate a reasonably large family. Such cabins come with separate bathroom and kitchen areas, plus a range of kid-friendly facilities. The size of a log cabin you purchase should depend on the kind of vacationers you intend to target. If planning to target honeymooners, you’ll do fine with a smaller cabin. But if you’ll be marketing your log cabin as a family vacation getaway, then it’s best to procure larger cabins. 

log cabin uk

  • Check the Specific Wood Varieties That a Log Cabin Is Made Of

Log cabins can be made from a range of soft or hardwoods, depending on the manufacturer. Common log cabin wood species include pine, cedar, cypress, oak, spruce, and redwood. It’s intuitive to imagine that hardwoods last longer than softwoods merely on account of their strength. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Instead, you should consider log cabins made of chemically-treated woods. The treatment process should cushion the cabin from damage from pests and mildew while protecting it from decay.

  • There Are Maintenance and Modification Procedures to Bear in Mind

It’s essential to understand the specific maintenance procedures to undertake in your log cabin. That’s regardless of whether you’re purchasing the cabin for renting out or for reselling at a future date. Although wood is famous for regulating internal room temperature, it’s not the best material during damp conditions. Unless your cabin is made from high-end, chemically-treated wood, the resultant dampness could escalate mold growth and decay. 

You can prevent mold problems by installing a proper ventilation system. Also, you’ll need to undertake regular de-humidification to maintain your cabin’s internal humidity. Other standard maintenance plans may focus on inspecting for termite damage, repainting the cabin’s exterior, and clearing adjacent shrubs. 

If one has enough money to invest, consider hiring a property manager to help undertake all the maintenance procedures in your log cabin. You’ll most certainly need a property manager if you happen to reside far from your log cabin.

log cabin lake

The Final Word

Buying a log cabin is one of the soundest financial decisions you’ll ever make. But as you may have gathered by now, there are plenty of things to know before taking the plunge. Whether for renting out or reselling, always conduct your due diligence before purchasing a log cabin. And if you’re ever in doubt, remember to consult a professional realtor. 

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