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Insurance For Static Caravans: What Does It Cover?

Insurance for static caravans: what does it cover?

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a static caravan! It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand-new or pre-owned. Or whether you intend to use it for personal retreats or leasing purposes. Buying a holiday home is one of the soundest investment decisions ever.

But like any high-involving purchase, a static caravan needs insuring. Having the right insurance cover for your holiday home is a proactive way of guarding against common risks like hail damage, fires, and even theft.

The challenge usually lies in finding the right coverage for your static caravan. With so many insurance companies promising the best bargains on park homes, it’s best to conduct your due diligence before honing in on an insurer that caters to your needs.

A considerable part of scouting for a static caravan insurer entail understanding what typical mobile home insurance covers. And that shall be the focus of this article.

Read on for everything you need to know about static home insurance.

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Do I need insurance for my static caravan?

Before we delve deeper into what static caravan insurance covers, it’s essential to start by appreciating the need for purchasing insurance for your holiday home. The benefits of ensuring a leisure home are more or less similar to those of insuring any property.

Static caravan insurance can offer protection against burglary. Remember that mobile homes cost thousands of pounds. Pre-owned caravans typically go for between £5,000 and £50,000 while brand-new ones can fetch anywhere from £15,000 to £100,000 or even more, depending on the brand. The worst form of injustice you can subject such a lucrative investment to is refusing to get a befitting insurance cover.

There’s a common misconception among many caravan owners that static caravans are a low-risk investment. Nothing can be further from the truth. Insurance for static caravans is just as important as for touring caravans. In fact, the fact that holiday chalets for sale are stationary makes them a higher-risk asset than their touring counterparts. There may be numerous ways to prevent static caravan break-ins. But insurance coverage is the most reliable method of mitigating the damages resulting from caravan burglaries.

Insuring a static caravan also offers protection against damages caused by freaks of nature. Windstorms, tornadoes, fires, floods, and hails are some of the many natural events that can inflict costly damages to holiday lodges. And without proper insurance, you can only look helplessly as your worthy investment goes down the drain.

Last but not least, insurance can increase the property value of your static caravan. This can be particularly useful in the event you have to resell your park home. Indeed, when you check out any list of static caravan site fees 2021, you’ll realise that the prices vary considerably depending on whether a holiday home is insured. Duly insured caravans generally fetch higher than their uninsured counterparts. That’s regardless of whether the mobile home is brand-new or second-hand.

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Is static caravan insurance mandatory?

Static caravan insurance isn’t required by law. That means it’s possible to own various types of static caravans, including wooden lodges, without insurance.

But as we’ve just pointed out, uninsured holiday homes come with numerous inherent risks of damage and theft. So, while it’s not a legal requirement, purchasing insurance for your mobile home is highly recommended.

It’s also important to note that many caravan parks insist on having insurance as a precondition for keeping your mobile home on their site. It’s a proactive way of avoiding liability if your caravan is stolen or has a freak accident.

What does static caravan insurance cover?

If you’re actively scouting around for holiday homes, you must have realised that there are numerous static caravans for sale Scotland with sea view. You may also have noticed the high number of luxury static caravans for sale on small sites and a small cabin in the woods for sale UK.

The same way static caravans come in all shapes and sizes is the very way their insurance covers vary. Ideally, insurance coverage for mobile homes will differ from one company to another. However, most static caravan insurance covers the following risks;

1.      Adverse Weather

Most caravanners prefer scenic coastal regions for parking their static caravans. Unfortunately, these locations are also prone to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and flooding.

Caravan parks situated in wooded areas aren’t safe either. Your static caravan could still face the risks of flooding, hailstorms, and falling trees. No wonder many woodland cabin for sale come with insurance clauses.

2.      Theft & Burglary

It’s unfathomable that anyone would want to steal a static caravan. But it’s not entirely impossible. Static caravans can still be removed from the site and towed away by overzealous criminals.

Besides, the best caravan insurance can cover you for the theft of any valuables in the caravan. These range from furniture to kitchen appliances to your personal effects like clothing and jewelry.

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3.      Locksmith Services

Many static caravans for sale on small sites often include locksmith services. These services help avail a locksmith if you lose your keys.

Some insurers may also include home emergencies in addition to locksmith services, including the provision of gas, electricity, and water.

4.      Renter Theft or Property Damage

It’s always recommended to perform a tenant background check before renting out your static caravan. But as the saying goes, you can never be too careful.

If you regularly let your park home to holidaymakers, then simple caravan insurance can make a huge difference. The policy will kick in in the event of theft or property damage (whether willful or accidental).

5.      Public Liability

Park home insurance can also come in handy if someone gets injured while using your static caravan.

The same insurance that covers you against renter theft should also protect you from liability if someone is injured while using the property.

Permanent Residence

There’s static caravan insurance for permanent residence. As the name implies, this insurance covers you while living in your holiday home.

Choosing the Best Static Caravan Insurance

The first and most important step in choosing holiday home insurance is to use a caravan finder UK  and then compare caravan insurance quotes. Analysing static caravan insurance quotes is an excellent way to find the best bargain.

However, remember that quote caravan insurance will vary depending on the extent of coverage. For instance, a caravan insurance quote will typically be lower if it excludes liability insurance.

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Wrap Up

Numerous factors determine static caravan insurance average cost. However, the cost depends primarily on the caravan manufacturer and the scope of coverage. As a result, you must be cautious while getting the right insurance cover.


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