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Bills To Pay In A Static Caravan

Owning a holiday home is very convenient and comfortable. It is an exciting prospect because it will provide you with the chance to enjoy fun, freedom, and quality time with your friends or family. It will help you make the most of your leisure time as you spend quality time on holidays and weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the city or workplace.

What bills do you pay for a house lodge for sale in the UK? The bills for static caravans are common and quite affordable. They include site fees, insurance fees, electricity bills, gas bills, water charges, local authority rates, and maintenance and servicing charges. All static caravan owners need to pay monthly caravans bills or annual bills.

However, before purchasing a caravan for sale in Wales, you must know the extra expenses and bills associated with running static caravans. The fees are meant to cater to normal operational activities.

For instance, you will need to get your static caravan to your desired location, which will need transportation cost obligations. The variations of such a cost will depend on your caravan unit’s size and the amount of distance you will need to cover.

After that, you will need to pitch your caravan, which will attract the cost for jacking, pitching, levelling, and the support of the unit. Are you wondering what the purpose of learning about the additional bills to pay is? Well, it will help you to budget appropriately. Hence, you can put money aside to cover bills like utilities, site fees, and insurance. Below we discuss the cost you should factor into your budget while buying a static caravan for sale UK.

Site Fees of a Static Caravan

A ‘pitch fee’ or ‘site fee’ refers to the amount of money you will need to pay to cover the static caravan while it is pitched at the park. More often than not, the fee is paid annually. It is the ground rent charged for its pitch. Site fees are essential, and they will help you avoid paying for the things you would otherwise have separately paid for if you had not bought a static caravan home. The site fees for static caravan homes vary according to the different sellers.

Insurance Fees

Insurance fees for static caravan in the UK need to be paid like any other property. Insurance is essential for big property to cover several risks. Therefore, as a static caravan owner, you must pay insurance with the rates stipulated by the respective insurance policy company. An insurance cover will shield you from risks like flood, fire, theft, or public and property liabilities. Typically, the prices for static caravan insurance vary according to the value of the caravan, its size, location, age, and the type or level of insurance coverage you desire. For instance, the insurance fees for static caravans for sale in Yorkshire could differ from those charged in Wales or the North East.

Electricity Bills

Most providers have electricity meters for the caravan. Therefore, the amount of electricity you pay will depend on the amount you consume. The bill will state the units you’ve consumed, and you have to pay accordingly. If the caravan is not fitted with electricity meters, the site owner will project a rate according to how they bought from an authorised supplier. More information about the rates of electricity bills should be derived from Utility Regulator.

Bills on Caravan Gas

Some site owners have piped gas connections, while others have bottled gas connections. However, others might have both. You will pay for gas bills in a static caravan like any other home. Some site owners charge gas quarterly and payable within 28 days of bill receipt. Site owners usually match their suppliers’ recommended retail prices for piped gas connections. It ensures that owners do not pay extra money for gas in their holiday homes. Just like electricity, your bill will either be based on meter readings or the holiday home’s average consumption.

If your holiday home is equipped with bottled gas, you can purchase replacements at the park. Replacements usually are available 24 hours. With most site owners, bottled gas connections are competitively priced according to the recommended retail price of their suppliers. It includes free delivery to clients’ holiday homes. However, prices could vary from park to park.

Local authority rates, sewerage and Water Charges

Do you pay council tax on the static caravan? Most parks are charged Business Rates to their local councils. They are known as National Non-Domestic Rates or Local Authority Rates. The thing to note here is that only the people applying for permanent residence will be charged this bill. Otherwise, you don’t have to pay council tax on your caravan. However, you will have to pay for park water and sewerage bills. The charges are evenly divided according to the number of holiday homes. They are annually billed, having a breakdown with your Local Authority Rates.

Your annual bill on your sewerage and drainage will vary according to your choice of park. For example, the bill on static caravans for sale in the northeast could differ from the caravan for sale in Wales. Different local suppliers and councils offer different amounts to every park, which is influenced by the size and facilities of the park.

Maintenance and Servicing Charges

Your static caravan will need maintenance from time to time. Therefore, you will need to set aside some budget for unexpected circumstances. Although most caravans have a warranty, you may need to factor in the running costs of general upkeep of wear and tear. The charges will cater to the basics of caravan exterior wash, carpet cleaning, safety checks, electrical appliances, boilers’ servicing, and the annual winterisation to protect against dampness and frost.

Other Bills

The bills you need to pay for running your static caravan also include the following; Television licence and internet costs, among other luxurious services you may want to add to spice up your stay in your holiday home.

Final Thought

Static caravans are fun to own but come with bills that need to be paid to cater for your stay. However, that should not scare you because the additional costs are just the regular bills you pay at home or in hotels. The advantage of having a static caravan is that your holiday and stay will be personalised.

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