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What to Choose – Touring Caravan or Motor Home?

Are you scouting around for a touring caravan or motorhome but can’t seem to decide on the better option between the two? Well, you’re not alone.

Undeniably, there are tons of places to find static caravan for sale UK. There are equally numerous places to shop for touring caravans and even motorhomes.

However, choosing between a motor home and a static caravan is a painstaking process. That’s not due to any shortage of these vehicles. But because each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, it’s best to arm yourself with adequate information on what owning or renting a touring caravan or motorhome means for your travel needs.

This post offers a side-by-side comparison between a motor home and a touring caravan. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose a better option before setting off for your next trip or holiday.

Touring Caravan vs Motor-home: What’s The Difference?

When scouting around for static caravans for sale North East, you’ll realise that not all caravans are made equal. Static caravans differ across various aspects, including their size, range of amenities, and price.

So, it’s important to tread with caution before purchasing the right caravan for you. It’s even more prudent to exercise due diligence while comparing a static caravan with a touring caravan. And, by extension, a touring caravan with a motor home.

But the very first thing you’d want to do is understand what each of these vehicles is.

What Is A Touring Caravan?

By now, you must already know that caravans are broadly categorised into two types – Static and Motorized.

Static caravans, as the name suggests, are stationary holiday homes. These vans are not designed for actively moving around. That said, there are several places to find static caravans for sale Yorkshire and all over the UK.

Motorised caravans, also known as touring caravans, refer to holiday homes that come with a separate, detachable living quarter. The living area is typically towed behind a regular vehicle.

What Is A Motor Home?

A motor home is an individual vehicle that comes with self-contained amenities.

Unlike a touring caravan whose living quarter can be detached, a motor home is one complete vehicle that doubles up as a living space.

Both a motorhome and touring caravan allow you to experience the magic of being home away from home. Besides, these distinct vehicle types are widely available in various cities across the UK.

You can find a suitable caravan for sale in Wales, Yorkshire, and many other locations. All you need to do is find a reliable seller.

Over the years, numerous caravan sellers in the UK have built a solid reputation for offering premium-quality CaravanUK at industry-competitive rates.

Caravan Vs Motorhome

As we already mentioned, there are numerous pros and cons of owning a touring caravan and motorhome. It’s on you to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and decide which options are better for your travel needs.

If you’re thinking caravan or motorhome: which is best? The following guide will help you compare a motor home and touring caravan side by side and possibly hone in on the better option;


A brand new motorhome costs anywhere from £47,000 to £80,000. For comparison’s sake, a brand new touring caravan goes for around £26,000.

When you only consider the initial purchase price, it’s evident that a touring caravan is way more affordable than a motorhome.

However, the ultimate cost of maintenance may be higher for a motorised caravan than a motorhome. For instance, touring caravans require more intensive servicing than motor homes.

It’s worth noting that the above prices aren’t cast in stone. The exact cost of purchasing a motorhome or a touring caravan will depend on several other factors, including location, size, model, and insurance cover.


Touring caravans typically have plenty of features than motorhomes.

Motorised caravans come with a separate bathroom and fully-serviced kitchen. The van may also include a study room, depending on the model and size.

Motorhomes also come with quite a few amenities. However, these vehicles are not as well-stocked as touring caravans.


Another caravan vs motorhome comparison point is with regards to ease of driving.

Motor homes are generally easier to drive than touring caravans. That’s mainly because these vehicles are sturdier and exist as a single unit.

On the contrary, touring caravans are less stable. Plus, they come in two separate units, which sometimes tend to move independently of each other.

Load-bearing Capacity

Touring caravans are lighter and generally come with more amenities than motor homes. However, that relative lightness reflects negatively on the van’s load-bearing capacity.

Touring caravans will only carry a limited amount of luggage. On the other hand, motor homes let you travel with your bikes, camping gear, and just about anything you’ll need during a trip.

Off-roading Capabilities

Motorhomes are sturdier in design and more maneuverable. They’re the better vehicle to consider for off-roading.

Touring caravans are also designed with off-roading specs, including high-performance engines. But the fact that these vehicles are harder to control makes them the less desirable option for cruising on rough terrains.

Consequently, certain scenic areas might be off-limits if travelling in a touring caravan.

Parking and Flexibility

Touring caravans can be remarkably flexible in some circumstances.

For instance, it’s easy to detach the trailer and leave it in a caravan park or campsite. You just need to unhook it, after which you can travel with the rest of the vehicle to various sightseeing destinations.

As for a motorhome, the living space is inseparable from the unit. Even a short trip to the local groceries will mean travelling with the whole vehicle. This can be an issue, mainly where parking spaces aren’t large enough.

Security and Licence Requirements

There is an argument to be made that motor homes are more secure due to their high windows. Besides, motorhome windows are usually made of materials tough enough to deter opportunistic burglars.

In terms of the licence, you need a category C1 licence to drive a motorhome with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. The requirements for operating a touring caravan are less stringent. An ordinary driving licence may be all you require to drive motorised caravans legally.

Wrap Up

Choosing between a touring caravan and a motorhome is not a decision you can make on a whim. It requires analysing these vehicles against several parameters.

Hopefully, the above motorhome versus touring caravan comparison will help guide you the next time you go shopping for either vehicle.

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