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5 Great UK Staycation Holidays!

Staycation meaning

People hear the word staycation batted around and may find themselves typing into Google ‘staycation meaning’! Well the word staycation originated in America and has since been adopted in the UK. Staycation means to holiday in ones home country as opposed to going abroad. In recent years people in the UK have embraced the staycation and look for new and innovative ways to enjoy family time in their own country. We’ve written this blog to help people discover staycation uk ideas to help plan a holiday in the UK.

Going on holiday is good for your health and if it’s possible to get away more than once a year you’ll see even more health benefits and feel better for it. You have two choices when it comes to going away… go abroad or take a staycation. Read on to discover 5 wonderful staycation ideas uk here with Parklink.

Should you go abroad or take a staycation?

We all love being abroad on holiday! The sun, sand & scenery is a big draw, however sometimes the thought of going abroad and everything that can involve makes you want to stay at home and not bother.

How about looking into staycation uk ideas?

Have you considered a UK staycation instead of going abroad?

Imagine not having to worry about:

  • Airport chaos and queues
  • Delayed or cancelled flights
  • Forgotten passports
  • Remembering to drive on the other side of the road
  • Taking sickness pills or necessary jabs
  • Language barriers

With our article on staycation ideas uk, we have a host of different options for you to consider. These ideas could make for a relaxed and refreshing staycation with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun. Lets run through a few ideas we’d like to share with you.

Staycation holidays in a static caravan!

The idea of taking a uk staycation in a static caravan often conjures up visions of traffic jams, cramped uncomfortable living conditions and grey drizzly weather. Not anymore!

With a plethora of static caravan parks around the UK, you’ll be able to enjoy your staycation uk exactly where you want in comfort. Furthermore, modern day static caravans enjoy all the modern decor you’d expect from a good quality hotel.

Modern static caravans boast the following features:

  • Large open plan living areas
  • Modern sanitation
  • Fitted kitchens with built-in appliances
  • Two or more double bedrooms and can often sleep six or more
  • Large decking areas to enjoy alfresco living

Whether you choose to hire a static caravan for a couple of weeks or take the plunge, in an area you love and buy a caravan, you’ll be amazed at the facilities many modern holiday parks offer these days. To give you an idea of the kind of facilities you can enjoy on your staycation holiday here is a list we have compiled for you:

Well stocked gyms & health suites

  • Luxurious swimming pools
  • Top class restaurants
  • Children’s play areas
  • Specialist onsite entertainment
  • Golf courses 
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Water sports
  • Family activities and games

As you can see, you’ll have everything you need for a well earned staycation uk without the additional stress associated with going abroad!

Long gone are the days of a swampy field with a standpipe for water! Staying in a static caravan has gone high class!

Carry on camping!

Camping staycation uk

If you’re on a bit of a budget this year but still want to take the family away for a week or two, then camping could be the perfect staycation idea without the cost!

If you’re already fully equipped with tents, sleeping bags and all of the other vital camping paraphernalia, all you’ll need to do is choose which part of the country appeals, book your pitch and away you go – you’re on staycation!

However, if you’ve never camped before, don’t have the equipment yet and just want to dip your toe in the camping pool before you commit, have a look at glamping.

A glamping staycation is also great if you have all the gear but no idea! With glamping, the tents are set up for you when you arrive, you sleep under duvets on proper beds, can enjoy the comfort of a sofa and you cook in a regular kitchen inside your tent. 

You’re still camping, sleeping under canvas, out in nature, but you’re doing it in style. What more could you ask for?

Say Hi Di Hi to holiday camps!

Holiday camps have come a long way since Billy Butlin opened his first camp in Skegness in 1936.

Gone are the chalets and eating en masse in huge dining rooms. Now you can self-cater, go half board or full board, whichever suits how you want to enjoy your time. These are all great staycation ideas uk where you will feel like you’ve enjoyed a great getaway.

Holiday camps are designed to be an all-inclusive entertainment venue. With activities all day long and evening shows, bingo and variety acts to round off the day.

City Breaks are perfect (especially London)

It’s usual to think of a holiday as a one/two week break, somewhere sunny where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

But does it have to be like that?

Why not break your uk staycation’s up into half a dozen city breaks spread over the year? 

Just think of the options.. Lets look at staycation london where you’ll visit the National History Museum during the day and enjoy a West End show in the evening.

Another month an art gallery or historical monument followed by dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant! Suddenly your stay in london is sounding pretty good, right?

Budget hotels are springing up all over the country! You can now book at a moments notice and explore the UK from top to bottom, one weekend at a time.

We hope this is giving you some great ideas which you can put into action! Make sure you comment below if you’ve enjoyed a staycation of your own.

Theme Parks are all the rage!

Thrill seekers or at least those who have thrill-seeking children will be drawn to the idea of a short break at a theme park. Combining high octane rides with a spa hotel offers something for everyone. Read here to discover the best theme parks in the UK.

Enjoy a few hours of being flung from side to side and upside down, then let a trained masseuse unravel the kinks from your spine before you enjoy a relaxing dinner and a few drinks to recover before doing it all over again tomorrow… This is a great idea for a staycation in the UK which the whole family can enjoy!

Why not try a staycation uk?

Staycation’s don’t have to be the prescribed two weeks on a Spanish beach! They can be anything you want them to be.. This article has given you some great staycation ideas and were sure you can think of a few others yourself. So be imaginative and start planning your next family staycation right here in the UK.

The UK has a surprising amount to offer and as our summer weather has been so good for the last couple of years!

Why not take a chance and explore what is on offer closer to home?

Thanks for reading our blog and make sure you comment below 🙂

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