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Static Caravan Or Lodge

Should you purchase a Static Caravan or Lodge

The UK is a great place to own your own holiday home on a park with many options available including a static caravan or lodge. When considering holiday home ownership, you really need all the information you can get, which is why Parklink is here to help!

Parklink is an independent holiday home sales portal offering you the best and widest choice when deciding where to purchase a holiday home in the UK. Purchasing a holiday home is a huge decision and you may be wondering which one to purchase – a static caravan or lodge?

With most people opting to buy a static caravan or a lodge, we wondered which is best. Both have obvious benefits however, lets delve a little deeper to really understand the pros and cons.

To determine a clear winner, we’ll compare 7 aspects of these popular holiday homes below:

1.) Does a lodge cost more than a static caravan?

Overall purchase and running costs associated with holiday home ownership can depend on the location, quality and facilities available on the holiday park.

Static Caravan

You can buy a fully sited pre-loved static caravan from as little as £10,000 on a low-end holiday park in the UK with most average holiday parks offering a new static caravan for sale from £30,000 upwards. A luxury static caravan can sell for up to £150,000 on a really top-quality holiday park in the UK. The site fees to run a static caravan can range from £2000 per year up to £10,000 on a premium park. Read our list of static caravan site fees to discover more on this subject. Why not browse static caravans for sale on site right here on Parklink.


Lodges attract a much higher ticket price when compared with static caravans. This is because they occupy a larger plot area and offer a higher luxury option for British holiday makers. A pre-owned lodge may change hands for anything between £50,000 – £100,000 with parks offering brand new lodges from £125,000 upwards. Lodges represent the highest quality holiday home available with 5* lodge developments in prime locations demanding up to £500,000 for a lodge. Site fees are also more and can range from £4000 up to £10,000 + in areas such as Hampshire. You can find lodges for sale here on the Parklink website to suit all budgets in the best UK locations.

Winner – Static caravan

The static caravan is the clear winner on overall costs because of the vast choice of static caravan for sale in the UK and parks offering this option. The static caravan business if ultra-competitive. We consider static caravan ownership to be affordable and most families can chip in together and purchase a static caravan which they can all use. What’s more static caravan site fees are more affordable in the long term? With brand new lodges starting at £100,000 they can be out of reach for the majority of customers looking for a holiday home of their own.

2.) Can a static caravan beat a lodge on comfort?

The modern static caravan offers all the comfort you could possibly need. Yes, its true the budget models do not have as much spring in the cushions however the standard has really come on over the years. The sheer volume of customers looking for sale static caravan has pushed up the standards over the years. If you’re looking for your own static caravans, you can expect to find models with double glazing, central heating along with sprung seating, high quality fixtures and fittings and appliances to match a home standard. The size is a challenge for people as many static caravans are built up to 40ft long and 12ft wide but once you get around the ‘compact’ nature of this holiday home you’ll find the comfort is at a very high level.

Lodges offer a similar level of comfort to static caravans with the added extra of space. With BS3632 holiday lodges coming in sizes up to 42ft long and 20ft wide they can offer double the size of most static caravans. The comfort level is also enhanced as all lodges are built to BS3632 spec which makes them quieter, warmer and stronger. A holiday lodges just feels more robust which adds to the comfort feel.

Winner – Holiday Lodge

Whether you’re looking to buy a static caravan or a lodge, both offer an amazing level of comfort. The lodge is the winner because the space allows for enhanced comfort. Sofa’s, beds and living areas can be made bigger which adds to the comfort levels. If you want that extra comfort come and check out holiday lodges for sale on the Parklink website.

3.) Static caravan or lodge – which is more readily available?

Holiday lodges have become more popular in recent years as more people enter into this wonderful lifestyle in the UK and expect a high standard. The UK has many lodge developments with new ones popping up all the time. One issue faced by lodge buyers is the factory lead time. With high demand factories can have up to a one year waiting list on lodge orders. Parks tend to preempt this and book slots as well as order in lodges for people to buy.

Static caravans tend to be made in volume where factories churn our hundreds of the same model to be distributed throughout the UK. If you’re looking to buy static caravan you’ll have a great choice available to you. What’s more, there’s plenty of holiday parks have a great choice of for sale static caravans. This ranges from buying direct from the manufacturer or perhaps a trader or caravan dealer.

Winner – Static caravan

The sheer volume and range of static caravans produced means there is usually pretty good availability. Due to the high demand and build quality of Lodges, buyers can sometimes wait up to one year to receive their holiday lodge from the factory. So if you’re looking to buy static caravan to enjoy holidays right away you’re in luck.

4. Are lodges & static caravans equal in design?

People looking for sale static caravans have a vast choice of makes and models to buy in the UK. Manufacturers include Willerby, ABI, Victory, Carnaby, Delta, Swift & Pemberton to name a few! With each manufacturer churning out up to 10 models to suit different tastes. So, you’re sure to find something you like.

Lodges manufacturers include Prestige, Pathfinder lodges, Lissett plus many more. Lodge manufacturers design and build an amazing choice of lodges which they exhibit and sell to holiday parks in the UK. The great benefit of buying a lodge is you can have the option to bespoke the lodge to suit your individual tastes and requirements. So, if you want a bigger kitchen, more wardrobe space or wider bedrooms you can make it happen.

Both static caravans and lodges use the latest on trend fabrics and designs so you’ll be amazed at the design and quality.

Winner – Lodge

Beverly lodge

The fact you can design your lodge to suit your individual tastes is something static caravans do not offer. This really is a massive advantage which is why there is a clear winner here.

5.) Are lodges really more spacious?

When people decide to buy a static caravan and start searching, they can be taken back by the amount of space they offer! Most people remember narrow galley kitchens, tight bedroom space and nowhere to sit! Today, sited static caravans which offer more than ample space to relax, dine and enjoy a comfortable holiday in. The standard size for a static caravan is 35ft x 12ft which is 420 square feet of floor space. The 12 ft wide caravan has become the new standard for people as opposed to the narrower 10ft model. Caravans can also be built up to 42ft x 14ft and positioned on site, which is huge! Offering a whopping 616 square feet of floor space to use.

Winner – Lodge

There can only be one winner in this category due to the sheer space you get in a holiday lodge. This is the reason many people decide on a lodge as opposed to buy static caravan. Lodges can be made to the size you require, provided you have a plot to put it on! Most holiday lodges are 42ft x 20ft, offering a huge 840 square feet of floor space with the added benefit of high ceilings.

6.) Which is built better – Static caravan or lodge?

When you decide to buy static caravan, you’ll soon start to see the high quality on offer. The build quality has really improved over the years offering a robust, clean and quality finish all round. Most manufacturers offer static caravans at a low, middle and high-end model and the value usually indicates the quality of build and finish. Are you wondering how long do static caravans last then we have a great article for you to read.

Lodges can be similar in terms of quality but with that little bit extra. Lodges are built slower with extra care and attention to justify the higher price tag. There are basic lodges on the market as well as high end lodges which retail for up to £500,000 and again the price tag should give some indication to the quality.

Winner – Lodge

The lodge just pips this category due to the extra time and attention which goes into producing a lodge. Lodges are manufactured using traditional home building methods making them more robust and adding to the feeling of quality. The ‘hand-made’ nature which goes into lodge manufacturing make this holiday home a clear winner.

7.) Where can you own a static caravan or lodge?

When searching for holiday homes for sale, the most logical step is to put the location first. The location is of the utmost importance you get this right. You’ll find holiday lodges and static caravan for sale in most locations of the UK. So, whether your looking for a static caravan for sale in Scotland or a holiday lodge in Cornwall we’ll be able to help you find your ideal holiday park location.

Winner – Static caravan

Whether you’re looking for a static caravan or perhaps lodge, were confident you can find both here in the UK. There are far many holiday parks in the UK compared to lodge parks which




The lodge is the winner by 4 categories to 3. The static caravan came top in choice of location, Overall costs and availability. With Lodges coming ahead in design options, space, quality and comfort. With both the static caravan offering an amazing option this has been a close call. Lodges are so impressive in all categories however we understand not everyone can stretch to the higher price tag. Static caravans are a wonderful option and readily available in many locations of the UK. So, whether if you’re looking for holiday homes for sale, were sure you have found this useful.

Why not treat yourself to a luxury lodge stay which will give you an opportunity to try out this fantastic lifestyle?

The stunning lodge shown in our blog feature image is a Prestige Hampton – Click here to read more about Prestige lodges.

What is your opinion and which holiday home do you prefer, the static caravan or lodge?

Thanks for reading!

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