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How To Find Disabled Caravans For Sale

Caravanning allows a sense of freedom and independence that sets it apart from other types of holidays. It provides an opportunity for individuals with limited mobility to enjoy holidays. Buying fully functional holiday homes ensure caravan ownership is equally available to everyone. Finding disabled caravans for sale pre owned can be a real challenge however in recent years most manufacturers offer a model to suit people with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Today, static caravans for specially-abled users are quite accessible, thanks to technological advancement. Manufacturers have been pushing creative boundaries to assist wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility. This article looks at tips on finding the perfect disabled caravan for sale in the UK.

mobility ramp

What are disabled caravans?

The static caravans for specially-abled offer a great way to escape everyday life. They are a great choice of accommodation for users with disabled access to holiday facilities. Many lodges and static caravans for sale Yorkshire are built with a wheelchair user in mind, featuring lowered work surfaces in some models.

The caravans are specifically customised and redecorated to offer ready-to-use accommodations for wheelchair users. They have tailor-made features carefully integrated into the home, including a large shower head, sliding doors and rails to shower. Instead of a standard shower room, the static caravan offers a well-equipped wet room.

Disabled caravans for sale tips to buy

Certain aspects are crucial when buying static caravans for disabled users in the UK. Most importantly, find a static caravan that offers a range of accessible accommodation and activities that suit everyone.

Consider the size

The accessible caravans are available in different sizes. Consider the size when buying static caravans for sale North East and choose a caravan that allows wheelchair users to manoeuvre comfortably around the holiday homes. Depending on the size of the caravan, there should be ample room for more free-standing furnishing.

You can find two-bedroom caravans accommodating up to six people. Smaller families can go for a different-sized caravan compared to a single user or multiple families.

The doorways and passageways should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, while the living areas should be spacious enough for relaxing. For an optimal holiday experience, the main bedroom should have a great size with the potential to include a double bed or single bed within it.

disabled caravan for sale

Design of the caravan

The design of a static caravan can determine how well you enjoy your holidays. Modern models offer elegant proprietary designs retrospectively adapted to make disabled caravan holidays stand out from the crowd. Technological advancement has allowed manufacturers to design static caravans in a way that meets different needs.

Choose the disabled best static caravan with modern and luxurious designs. Most holiday homes allow you to modify and upgrade static caravans. For example, you can widen doorways and hallways to make the holiday home wheelchair accessible. You can also look for caravans with an open-plan design to ensure plenty of natural light.

Additional Accessibility Features

The best static caravan for sale UK is fully equipped with everything needed to enjoy your holiday. Most caravans are accessible for wheelchairs and come installed with disabled facilities. Access ramps, wide-access sliding doors, grab rails, and an easily accessible kitchen are essential features.

These caravans are self-catering with a ready-to-use kitchen. The rooms should have a hoist for extra help to the wheelchair user. For example, the kitchen should be adapted for wheelchair use with the worktops, cupboards, and cookers lowered to allow access and comfort in the kitchen.

Look for a caravan with additional accessibility needs that offer more space for safety and support. These features include a ramp- and sliding door with plenty of grab rails for extra support. Also, look for caravans with work surfaces lowered in a well-equipped kitchen. The bathrooms should serve as a full wet room, support handrails and ample floor space.


Consider furnishing when buying a static caravan for sale in Wales. The accessible caravans should be well planned and set up to use conveniently. They should have essential features that allow wheelchair accessibility and a range of integrated appliances.

Furnishing in a static caravan includes functional fixed display units that provide plenty of storage. They should set sockets, switches, and other appliances at a height suited to wheelchair users. Also, there should be plenty of space for unfixed furnishings and home comfort that allows you to personalise the space.

An electric fireplace provides an extra touch of luxury to your holiday home. Other optional extras include an integrated Bluetooth sound system or a wireless thermostat. If you want to bring a pet to your holiday home, look for a pet-friendly static caravan. Some static caravans do not allow pets on board, while others permit.


Once you’ve got your preferred design, it’s essential to consider the cost. You can find great value caravans at a bargain price. Quality holiday homes with plenty of features will cost more than standard homes. For example, changing a static caravan to your needs will cost more.

You will spend additional costs if you need caravans with features such as Wi-Fi accessibility. You will also spend more to buy a static caravan directly from a manufacturer.

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Contact the support

Consider buying a caravan directly from your preferred holiday park manufacturer. It is the easiest way to find disabled caravans for sale and ensure you have something to suit your individual needs. Buying directly from a manufacturer allows you the option to custom-design a holiday home that meets your specific needs.

Contacting a reputed dealer directly to discuss your access needs is the first step in finding an excellent deal for yourself. If you’re looking to hire an adapted static caravan that has everything in it you need, talk to the sites. You can tell them what modifications would make your lives easier, allowing them to customise the caravans to your preference.

Most homes will customise the caravans to accommodate your specific access requirements. Arrange a visit to the parks and browse through a range of caravans. It helps buy the most suitable caravanuk for your needs.

wet room in mobility holiday home

Bottom line

Users with limited mobility need specialised static caravans to enjoy a holiday. The special disability-friendly caravans make your stay stress-free and comfortable. They have quality, space and modern accommodation to give you a great family holiday. Most static caravans are adapted and tailored to suit your requirements. Before settling down on a specific static caravan, browse through the different available holihomes to find one that’s perfect for your ideal getaway.

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