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Caravan Awning: What Type Should You Get? 

If you’ve been shopping for static caravans for sale Scotland with sea view, you must have noticed that a good number of these mobile homes come fitted with roof-like structures that somewhat extend to their sides. These structures are known as awnings.  

Awnings are common in different types of holiday homes. Whether you’re looking for a small cabin in the woods or luxury caravans, purchasing a caravan complete with an awning is always possible.  

This article explores caravan awnings and what type you should go for.  

What’s an Awning?

An awning, also known as an overhang, refers to a secondary covering attached to the exterior of a building or wall.  

Although common in buildings and walls, awnings can also be spotted on automobiles and static caravans for sale on small sites. Indeed, it’s not unusual to stumble upon these secondary coverings while trawling the internet for a list of holiday chalets for sale 

Based on the above definition, a caravan awning refers to a tent-like structure attached to the roof of a caravan, motorhome, or campervan.  

What are the benefits of caravan awning? 

There are numerous benefits of installing a caravan awning. For starters, these structures offer an extra layer of protection from the elements. Awnings are particularly effective at shielding your caravan from the rain and scorching heat from the sun. Depending on the material you go for, an awning can offer protection from up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This can be a massive blessing for summer caravanners, considering that the temperatures can rise to 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) in some locations 

By redirecting direct sunlight, awnings can also go a long way in regulating your caravan’s internal temperature. Again, this can be a considerable advantage for summer campers. The suitable caravan awning material can decrease the internal temperature of your caravan by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  

A camping awning can also lower your monthly energy bills. This is especially true for awnings placed around a caravan’s window. During winter, you can draw the overhang and maximise the amount of sun coming into the van. This will consequently reduce the runtime of your internal heating systems.  

A caravan awning can also reduce the glare emitted by digital screens like computers and televisions. This will enhance your comfort during brighter days.  

You might also consider getting an awning if you care about the durability of your caravan’s internal accessories. The fact that awnings block direct sunlight from penetrating your caravan makes them effective at reducing the fading of interior décors, such as drapes, furnishings, and carpets.  

An awning can also boost your caravan’s curb appeal. The overhang will quickly make your holiday home stand out in a parking ground.  

Lastly, a caravan awning can maximise its resale value. When searching for lodges for sale, you’ll realise that prospective sellers factor in awning value while setting the price for their respective properties.  

What awning fits my caravan? 

While searching for static caravans for sale on small sites fitted with awnings, you’ll notice that these overhangs are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  

Ideally, caravan awning ideas depend primarily on a park home’s type and the buyer’s taste and style. However, the following guidelines will come in handy when selecting the best awning for your mobile home; 


Caravan awning UK falls into two distinct groups as far as flexibility goes. They include fixed and retractable awnings. As the name suggests, Fixed awnings are permanently fixed on a caravan. On the other hand, retractable awnings are designed to be opened and closed discreetly, depending on the seasons. Retractable awnings are often also known as roll-out sun canopies.  

Both awning types have their pros and cons. However, roll out sun canopy for caravans is the better choice for caravanners. That’s mainly due to their flexibility. You can adjust these awnings at different times of the day to shade various areas of your holiday home. 


Porch awning for caravans come in different materials. The choice of one fabric over the others depends on factors like durability, weatherproofness, and washability.  

Polycarbonate is the most preferred awning material in terms of weather resistance. This fabric can withstand intense heat and frost. It’s also excellent at minimising light transmission and blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun.  

On the other hand, polyester is a top recommendation for large awnings. That’s due to the fabric’s resistance to sagging. Polyester’s ability to retain its firmness and stiffness under extreme tension makes it a perfect choice for large awnings, which are often susceptible to sagging.  

Most caravan awning materials are reasonably washable. But if you wash your caravan’s awning frequently, then the acrylic fabric would be your best bet. Acrylic holds its colour for longer. That makes it the perfect choice for caravan awnings that must be opened and washed regularly. 

Shape and Size 

Caravan awnings come in all shapes. Ideally, you want an overhang that fits snugly over your holiday home.  

Therefore, be sure to furnish a caravan awning retailer with the right shape for your park home to let them recommend the best product.  

Caravan awnings are available in multiple sizes too. You can opt for smaller-sized awnings if you’re a bit short on space or for larger sizes if you are looking for extra storage space.  

However, experts recommend the awning projection to be 0.5 metres less than its total width. Alternatively, you could use a caravan awning sizes chart to hone in on the right overhang size for your mobile home. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, a caravan awning should complement your mobile home’s décor. There are numerous caravan awning interior ideas to experiment with. But as a starting point, consider brighter colours if you camp on hotter days and open spaces and darker colours for cooler days and wooded/leafy areas.  

A quick sample of the list of static caravan site fees 2021 also indicates that fancy-coloured awnings tend to be costly. This is true for Atlas caravans and holiday homes by other reputable manufacturers. 


Installing a caravan awning is one of the most effective ways to keep your holiday home dry and frost-proof. As we’ve observed from this post, caravan overhangs offer many more benefits than weather-proofing your park home. The best part is that there’s an awning for every caravan. All you need to do is use a caravan finder UK to locate the best mobile home and then shop for a full caravan awning based on aspects like size, material, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. 

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