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How to achieve a static caravan sale

Not only does Parklink offer static caravans for sale but we also we can help you achieve a static caravan sale. We have years of experience in the industry helping people into this wonderful lifestyle however we understand there comes a time when people may need to sell their static caravan. A static caravan sale is essentially a contract between you and the buyer where they will own your static caravan in exchange for a fee. The park will form the third part and they will need to be happy the new buyer is able to pay site fees as well as adhere to park rules.

Starting with a static caravan sale

The day has arrived when you have thought.. “I need to sell my static caravanand you’re probably wondering ‘how do I sell a static caravan?’ Like most people, selling would have been the last thing you thought of when you first purchased. In order to get a sale, there are certain steps you need to take and questions to ask.

Will the holiday park help me get a sale?

Holiday parks have their own selling rules and park policy’s so we advise to always check with your park operator regarding how they can help you get a sale.

Who do I speak to at my Park?

When you contact your holiday park office and tell them you’re looking for a static caravan sale they may ask you to fill out a private sale form. This is so they have a record that you would like to sell your caravan and can possibly assist you with viewing or advertising.

Will the Park buy my static or sell for me?

It will usually not be a priority or obligation for the park to sell your static caravan for you or buy it back. The static caravan is not only your property but also your responsibility to find and deal with the buyer. You’ll be expected to find and deal with customers until finally when sold the park will complete the necessary paperwork. Parks usually like to sell new static caravans because people often wonder how long do static caravans last? The truth is static caravans can last for many years if kept well so they’re is a great resale value.

Under what circumstances can I sell my static caravan to the Park?

There is a chance the park will buy your caravan from you, however it could be a lower price than you would expect. The offer they give you will depend on their current caravan stock as well as demand, furthermore you would probably only get close to a trade valuation. Static caravans and lodges are depreciating assets and will undoubtedly decrease in value over time. The park will be hoping to purchase your static caravan from you at a fair price 

How much should I sell my caravan for?

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic static caravan market value calculator! There are many factors which need to be  considered when valuing a static caravan for sale. Here at Parklink with over 20 years in the holiday home industry we can help you with this. Ultimately as the owner of the static caravan, you determine the final selling price. Your park operators  may be able to give you some indication of the selling price as they are dealing with buyers and sellers daily. The selling price should be a fair price so they can obviously re-sell and make a profit.

Setting a fair price for your static caravan

Many people ask ‘do static caravans hold their value?’ – The safe answer is ‘no’ however this is not always true because static caravans can actually increase in value on certain parks. This all depends on supply & demand as well as the condition  your static caravan is in.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding how much you should sell your static caravan for.

  • Are static caravans selling well on park and how many empty plots are there?
  • Has your static caravan got many years left on the pitch licence agreement? 
  • How much are similar caravans selling for? A private sale will usually sell for less than company models as they do not come with the same benefits i.e. extra warranty, consumer protection.
  • The price you paid. How much did you pay and how long have you owned. A simple equation is to deduct £1000 per year for depreciation.
  • How fast do you need to sell your static caravan?

Take all these factors in consideration and come up with a fair selling price to start. Here at Parklink we’ll be happy to help you decide a fair selling price for your static caravan.

Can I put a ‘for sale’ sign in the window of my static caravan?

Most holiday parks have a policy where you are not able to put a ‘for sale’ sign in your static caravan window. This is for the good of the park as holiday parks with too many ‘for sale’ signs does not look good to potential buyers. Check with your park as they may let you put one of their branded ‘for sale’ signs in the window as a compromise.

Work with the park and together you should be able to achieve a private sale which suits all parties.

How to prepare my static caravan to sell?

Getting the ‘show-home’ look can be challenging especially if you are planning to continue to use your static caravan. Clear out as much clutter as you can and make the place as neutral as possible. Bear in mind that your tastes will not be the same as a potential buyers. Buyers need to imagine themselves being in, and owning your static caravan.  Keep the place as clean as possible and welcoming at all times. When selling your caravan it is always best to open the curtains wide, letting in the natural light.  Perhaps even open the windows as this will all help give your holiday home a welcoming natural ‘buy me’ vibe. Ensure the outside of your holiday home is clear and welcoming.

Where to advertise my static caravan?

There are many places you can advertise your static caravan for sale. Advertising portals such as Gumtree or Ebay are popular for people selling static caravans and lodges. One of the downfalls of these kind of websites is they cater for many sellers and your static caravan can sometimes get lost in the system.

Here at Parklink we are experts in holiday home sale with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Advertising your static caravan or lodge on Parklink gives you access to this specialist market.

Other benefits of advertising with Parklink

  • Advertising for you in all the best places
  • Option to list on Rightmove & Zoopla & Prime Location
  • The leading holiday home sales portal
  • Listed on Parklink until SOLD!
  • Access to list and manage your own listing or simply email over.

Advertise your static caravan for sale on Parklink and increase your chances to sell!

We have many years of experience selling static caravans at all levels and have dealt with thousands of different buyers and sellers.  We can advise you on the correct selling price and give you helpful selling advice at no further charge. Just give us a call!

What can Parklink offer me?

  • A page on the specialist Parklink website showing images, description, location and features.
  • Listing on Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime location to really boost advertising
  • Direct messenger for people to enquire direct with you
  • Listing on other classified portals
  • Social media advertising including Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Sell my static caravan free advice

Contact Parklink today and we will advertise your static caravan for you in the best places!

Dealing with caravan viewings

When people enquire and want to view your static caravan, It could be that they are viewing a selection. Viewings should be handled in a fluent business like manner giving people the time they need.

People are looking for a general overview and are not usually interested in the minor details e.g. How the washing machine.

Just talk naturally and be yourself! If they want to buy, they may tell you straight away or they may want to discuss privately. Under no circumstance should you pressure the buyer for a quick decision as this can be off putting for them.

Finishing your caravan viewing

Ensure you leave on good terms and you have all contact details. We would recommend you call them the day after to see if they have further questions to help move the sale forward.

What’s the next step when I have found a buyer?

Brilliant, Congratulations! You have sold your static caravan

The sales paperwork has to be conducted through the holiday park office where they will ensure all parties are happy & informed.

You will all need to agree a date for the buyers to take possession of your static caravan and ensure it’s safe and ready.

All funds must be paid the holiday park where the company will take anything outstanding on your account as well as the private sale commission (usually 15% + VAT). 

You’ll receive the rest into your personal bank account once processed by the park/company.

Who completes the static caravan sale paperwork

The holiday park will ensure the buyers are fully aware of park rules and run through all the relevant paperwork. Once this is all complete and they have paid the balance, the last task is for you to remove all personal items from your ‘ex’ static caravan ready for your buyers to move in.

What happens now our caravan is sold?

That’s it! You sit back and wait for the selling funds to go into your bank account and all finished.

sell my static caravan

Are you selling your static caravan?

Here at Parklink we have over 20 years of experience selling static caravans and lodges so are qualifies to offer you sound advice to help you achieve a sales. We guarantee to advertise you achieve static caravan sale!

Contact us today for an informal chat and lets get your caravan or lodge advertised to sell.


£74.956 Weeks
  • 6 weeks advertising on Parklink
  • Page on Parklink including description, map and images.
  • Unlimited revisions of images, description and selling price
£94.95Advertise until SOLD!
  • Ongoing advertising until SOLD!
  • Page on Parklink including description, map and images.
  • Unlimited revisions of images and discription
  • Featured on the Parklink homepage for one month!

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