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Why a used lodge might be the perfect choice!

If you’ve had a couple of holidays in luxury lodges in the UK and loved them and want more, what’s next? Buying your own pre loved lodge in a part of the country you love and have countless holidays and breaks… You may start to look for brand new or even second hand lodges for sale in a location you love.

Hold on, isn’t that prohibitively expensive?

New, high-end luxury lodges can be expensive and are consequently a big commitment. As your next step on this journey have you considered searching second hand lodges for sale?

Why are so many people are buying used lodges:

  • You’ll have your very own place to getaway to
  • Holiday when you want and as often as you want for no extra cost
  • It’ll have all the amenities you and your family need
  • It’s in a part of the UK that you’ve chosen as your favourite holiday destination

The used lodge you choose to make your own will be fitted out to a high standard.

Most include:

  • Fitted kitchens with all the appliances
  • Two to three bedrooms – the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom
  • External decking for al fresco dining
  • Fabulous views over the surrounding countryside
  • Private parking
  • Open plan living area with furniture included

Though the lodge itself and the park are important, there are other considerations. For instance: which part of the country to check out first?

Pre loved lodges for sale

The majority of people owning a holiday lodge take care and maintain it to a very high standard. So you could say it has been pre loved! When looking to buy a holiday lodge if you look for pre loved lodges for sale your search may throw up some different options for you to look at. Whether its pre owned, pre loved or used, it’s worth having a look to check out the condition for yourself.

Location, location, location

As with any holiday, when you start thinking about searching second hand lodges for sale, one of your first thoughts is where to go. As an example look at this lodge for sale in Northamptonshire available for just £34,879 which is fantastic value for a pre owned lodge.

second hand lodge for sale in Northamptonshire

What kind of park or location appeals to you?

  • Sandy beaches
  • Outstanding countryside views
  • Heaps of activities
  • Outstanding shopping
  • Great local restaurants
  • Walking and hill-walking
  • Plenty of history and culture

In the UK, all of these are available, you just need to pick the right area.

We have second hand lodges for sale that will give you whatever you want in the way of activities and amenities.

Another consideration when you’re looking to buy a second-hand lodge is what will be using it for?

If it is within a few hours of your home then you could enjoy year-round breaks. Long weekends, parties with friends, a romantic getaway or just a change of scenery.

If you only want it for a couple of family holidays and don’t mind travelling then your options widen considerably.

8 benefits of buying a second-hand lodge

You’ll never again have to worry about where to go on holiday again. The stress and pressure of trying to find a balance between the cost, location and comfort can take all the fun out of the planning.

Your holiday home is always there waiting for you to visit. Think, long weekends and half-term breaks as well as the annual two weeker.

You can leave the essentials at your lodge ready for your next visit. The cupboards will have the makings of a quick snack before you go shopping and your holiday clothes can live in the wardrobes.

When you buy a second-hand lodge it is your home from home. You can stamp your personality on it and make it so it works for you and your family. Decorate, accessories and move things around until it suits you.

You don’t have to rush through the list of activities and places to see. If you don’t get through them this time they’ll be waiting for you on your next visit.

Your holiday home can pay for itself if you rent it out. When you know you’re not going to be there you can rent it out and earn extra income to offset your costs. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can pay off your initial investment…

If you have a busy, frenetic life with lots of stress, spending time at your quiet, peaceful lodge could be the antidote you’ve been looking for.

Buying a pre loved lodge lets you afford to have multiple, luxury holidays every year without breaking the bank. You won’t be keeping up with the Jones’, they’ll be trying to keep up with you!

Why you should consider looking for used lodges for sale

Lodge owners are a special type of people. They love the luxury and tranquility of having a lodge as a holiday home.

They like the convenience of having a home from home. Somewhere they can leave the holiday paraphernalia – beach balls, body-boards and flippers, until next time.

They love the simple, outdoor life as long it has a luxurious end to the day and a comfortable bed to recover in.

If any of this sounds like you, it might be worth a look. Thanks for reading!

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