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Kernow Holiday Home Sales


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Kernow Holiday Home Sales

Caravans for Sale in Cornwall: Your Gateway to Coastal Bliss

Static caravans for sale Cornwall offer not just a peaceful abode among some of England’s most stunning natural scenery but a ticket to endless holidays by the sea.

Your Home, Your Castle: The Appeal of Holiday Homes

The thought of owning a holiday home lends a sense of stability and comfort to our nomadic lives. This is where the appeal of our holiday homes shine; your very own piece of tranquillity set amidst the changing tide of the Cornish coast.

The Allure of Holiday Home Ownership

Lodge holiday home ownership is evolving. It’s increasingly seen as an investment in lifestyle that provides endless holidays, coupled with rental opportunities.

Park Holiday Homes For Sale

Cornwall’s beach cabins and lodges for sale present a compelling offer for holidaymakers turned homeowners, a decision that not only encapsulates the diversity of the region’s natural beauty but also promises the irreplaceable joy of owning a home away from home.

Considering a Cornwall Getaway?

Owning a park lodge is a lifestyle decision that doubles up as a solid investment. Cornish beach getaways for sale are a gateway to a thriving tourism industry and the country has growing demand for unique holiday lodge experiences.

Personal Use and Rental Income

Cornwall’s mild climate and the region’s popularity as a holiday park destination ensures that your investment continues to provide returns, whether through personal enjoyment or as a rental income generator.

Perran Sands Holiday Park: A Gem on the North Cornwall Coast

Caravans for sale in Cornwall are varied, but few locations match the natural allure and on-site amenities offered by Perran Sands Holiday Park. Situated on the rugged north coast near Newquay, this beautiful lodge holiday park is renowned for its direct beach access and is a paradise for surfers and sun-seekers alike.

Unravelling the Perran Sands Park Experience

Perranporth beach and Sands Holiday Park in Cornwall is more than just a site with its stunning beach location. It’s a community, a cornucopia of entertainment, and the perfect base to explore the resplendent Cornish coastline.

Perran sands holiday park

With modern facilities, an array of activities for all ages, great location, fantastic, and the natural drama of the Perranporth landscape, the Perran Sands holiday park, offers an experience that redefines coastal lodge living.

Investing in a Static Caravan at Perran Sands Park

Investing in a static caravan or lodge at Perran Sands Park ensures that you are not only buying a piece of the maritime heritage, but also a worry-free lifestyle that comes with luxury lodges, dog-friendly zones, and unparalleled customer service.

Caravan and Lodge Properties in Cornwall

The caravan and lodge properties on park are designed to blend into the coastal scenery while providing the creature comforts of home, and with direct access to Perranporth beach, these static caravans really are coastal living at its finest.

The Newquay Charm: A Coastal Haven at Your Doorstep

Newquay Holiday Park is another jewel on Cornwall’s coast, nestled in the midst of some of the most popular beaches in the UK.

Leisure Lifestyle by the Sea

This scenic beach Newquay and holiday home and park is the epitome of a relaxed beachside living, offering not just a new lodge or beautiful holiday park or home to spend somewhere, but a new perspective of life by the ocean.

Newquay’s Promise of Year-Round Delight

Newquay’s Holiday Park offers holiday homes with a promise of holiday delight. Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of the surf or a quiet sunset with your loved ones, Newquay beach is the ideal location for those looking for varied experiences close to home.

Stone’s Throw From Sandy Beaches

Surrounded by sandy beaches, bays and hidden coves, Newquay beach is a coastal haven for beach front.

The Ultimate in Holiday Home Ownership

Investing in one of the caravans or perhaps a lodge at Newquay Holiday Park is far more than owning a static caravan.

Newquay Surf Spots

It is an lodge investment in the surrounding lifestyle; a chance to explore, relax, and indulge in the natural landscape that is quintessentially Cornwall. Surrounded by some of the best surf spots in the UK, Newquay is synonymous with leisure and adventure.

Silverbow Country Park: A Private Escape to the Heart of Cornwall

For those seeking tranquillity in West Cornwall, Silverbow Country Park is the perfect location, a testament to peace and natural beauty.

Silverbow country park

This idyllic lodge location is situated in a tranquil setting that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, while remaining close enough to the region’s main attractions and amenities.

The Unique Silverbow Country Park Experience

Silverbow Country Park stands out with its focus on natural surroundings and ecological harmony. The country park prides itself on offering a peaceful setting with private and easy access to the picturesque Treskerby Woods, providing its residents with the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls and unspoilt natural scenery.

Caravans at Silverbow Country Park: A Celebration of Nature

Holiday homes at Silverbow country park are carefully placed within the confines of natural splendour, allowing owners to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the Cornish countryside.

Lizard Peninsula

With the Lizard Peninsula and various picturesque villages, historic towns and quaint towns within easy reach, the peaceful location also offers the perfect blend of peace and adventure for nature enthusiasts. The Lizard Peninsula is a world away from the more commercial Newquay location.

Finding Your Piece of Peace: Exploring the Cornish Countryside

Find lodge holiday homes for sale Cornwall, and cabin holiday homes for sale in Newquay, Cornwall are not just about purchasing a holiday home; they’re about finding your piece of peace in the midst of one of the most beautiful terrains in the UK.

Luxury Lodges

Cornish static caravans for the luxury lodges for sale and holiday homes for sale are scattered across various parks, each presenting a unique perspective of life in this charming county.

The Allure of the West

The south West of the country, Cornwall coast is where you find the quintessential Cornish holiday lodge experience.

Unwind and Recharge

Serene and laid-back, with a mix of golden sands beaches and hidden coves, it’s a perfect place to unwind and recharge amidst some of the most beautiful coastal and country park scenery in the country.

A Buyer’s Guide to Static Caravans in Cornwall

Before jumping into static caravans for sale in the South West it requires careful consideration. This region-specific buyer’s guide provides an overview of what to expect when purchasing a sale caravan on a holiday park in Cornwall. It encompasses both the practical aspects and the unique benefits that come with it.

Understanding Holiday Caravan Purchases

Before you purchase a static caravan in Cornwall, it’s crucial to understand the buying process and associated costs. From park fees to maintenance charges, being aware of these details ensures that your purchase of static caravan is not only a wise one but economically feasible in the long term.

Selecting the Right Park for You

Cornwall boasts an array of holiday parks, each site each with its own unique charm and selling points. Selecting the same site and right, beautiful dog friendly holiday park is as important as choosing a site for your own holiday homes for sale, lodge or static caravan; amenities, location, and the services provided at same site all play a significant role in the enjoyment and value of your investment.

Holiday Homes in Cornwall

Beyond the romance, owning a holiday homes in Cornwall means dealing with practicalities. This section of the guide addresses the essential factors that owners need to consider, from maintenance to local regulations, to ensure a smooth ownership experience.

Making the Most of Your Cornwall Holiday Homes

The ultimate goal of owning a holiday caravan in Cornwall is the pleasure it brings. This section provides tips and insights to make the most of your investment, ensuring that each visit is as enriching and memorable as the last.

Planning Your Cornish Escapes

Effective planning can turn your Cornish escapes into memorable adventures. Whether it’s exploring the local cuisine, engaging in water sports, or just soaking in the coastal magic, a well-planned getaway ensures that you make the most of your time in Cornwall.

Engaging with the Local Community

The beauty of Cornwall lies not just in its landscapes, but in its people. Engaging with the local community can offer a deeper sense of connection and understanding of the Cornish way of life, turning your holiday home experience into a meaningful part of the local fabric.

Maintaining a Home-Away-from-Home Mindset

Maintaining a home-away-from-home mindset is perhaps the most significant element of enjoying your holiday caravan in Cornwall. This means treating the space your own holiday home with care, ensuring that it remains a welcoming environment, and experiencing the Cornish lifestyle as a local would.

The Environmental Footprint

Caravans in Cornwall can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of tourism. The smaller dwelling size means lower energy consumption, while the ability to reuse the accommodation space reduces construction and waste.

Environmental Preservation

Coupled with Cornwall’s emphasis on environmental preservation, owning a caravan becomes a statement for sustainable tourism.

The Role of Local Businesses

Caravan owners often become patrons of local businesses, from farm shops to small artisanal boutiques. This local involvement not only enriches the holiday experience by offering authentic products and experiences but also sustains the region’s economy and cultural heritage.

Cornish Bliss Year-Round

The appeal of caravans for sale in Cornwall extends far beyond the traditional summer holiday. The region’s mild climate and year-round events make it an attractive proposition for those seeking a retreat in any season.

Fantastic To Visit in All Seasons

From the blooming gardens and beaches of spring to the festive cheer of winter, Cornwall has a charm that transcends time and invites you to visit whenever the heart desires.

Spring Awakening

Find static caravans for sale in Cornwall with private access to your own holiday home. Cornwall’s spring brings an explosion of colour and life to its coastal vistas.

Explore Gardens and Beaches

The gardens awaken, the wildflowers bloom, and the coast becomes a canvas of vibrant hues. This is the perfect time to explore the many gardens, parks and coastal walks, with the temperature just right for outdoor activities.

Summer Sun and Serenity

Summer in Cornwall is synonymous with sun, surf, and a lively holiday spirit. The region’s beautiful beaches and bustling towns come alive with activity, offering the country the perfect setting for a quintessential British summer.

Long Days and Warm Nights

With longer days and warmer nights, there’s ample time to make the most of your coastal retreat.

Winter Wonder by the Waves

Winter in Cornwall is a time for reflection, rejuvenation, and the occasional storm-watching. With beachside walks and cosy afternoons by the fireplace, it’s the perfect time to disconnect and recharge.

Coastal Markets

The region’s festive markets and East Looe events add a touch of magic to the coastal setting, making it a season worth celebrating.

Exploring and Exploding Myths about Caravan Holidays

The idea of a caravan holiday often invokes certain myths, mostly centred around the experience and practicality associated with it. This section lays to rest some of these misconceptions, asserting the relevance and charm of caravanning, particularly in a location like Cornwall.

Realities of Park Life

Holidaying on a lodge holiday park doesn’t mean compromising on community facilities or privacy. Many of other holiday parks here, particularly those in Cornwall, are designed to cater to family life, offering a range of amenities and community activities.

Holiday Homes = Memories

In the end, a caravan in Cornwall is not just a financial investment; it’s an investment in memories. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love, set against one of the most breathtaking backdrops this island has to offer.

Each visit to your Cornish escape is an investment that pays in the currency of memories that last a lifetime.

The Legacy of a Lifetime

What is a caravan but a vessel of storybook tales in the making? The legacy it carries is not just your own holiday home or that of an individual, but of a family, a generation, a slice of history anchored on the shores of a timeless county.

When you buy a caravan in Cornwall, you’re not just buying a new holiday home here; you’re writing the first page of your family’s legacy by the sea.

Lodges in Cornwall

Lodges in Cornwall are not just about owning a piece of property; they’re about investing in a lifestyle that revolves around the sea, the sand, and the profound sense of peace this region offers.

Static Holiday Caravans in Cornwall

Whether you are yet to dip your toes into the caravan market or are a seasoned enthusiast looking to swap spots, the beauty of Cornwall’s coast and the promise of more holidays awaits. Set your course and secure your spot in one of the most desirable of holiday parks, lodges and destinations our island has to offer.

Discover secluded coves, sand dunes and beautiful beaches.

Your slice of Cornish paradise is waiting.

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