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Before you delve into the world of caravans for sale, stop for a minute and Imagine owning your very own family caravan or lodge nestled in the stunning landscapes of Britain – a tranquil sanctuary away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Welcome to the brand new world of holiday properties at Park Holidays & Leisure Park, where an entirely, brand new holiday and, lifestyle awaits you.

Lets explore caravans for sale right here.

Static Caravans for Sale

Benefits of Owning a Holiday Home

Owning a holiday home by the coast offers a wealth of benefits. It’s about holiday home ownership not just about having a place to relax and unwind – it’s about creating a lifestyle that prioritizes leisure, comfort, and the freedom to enjoy your time as you see fit.

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Welcome to Park Holidays & Park Leisure

Park Holidays & Park Leisure pride themselves on offering top-quality static caravans and luxury lodges across our 39 parks spread across the UK.

Each of our parks family attractions is carefully designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for our family attractions our homeowners.

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Owner Holiday Home Benefits to Love

As a holiday home owner with us, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive benefits. From priority booking to special discounts and events with friends whole family, we go above and beyond to ensure our holiday home owner, homes and accommodation owners feel valued and appreciated.

Enjoy all the Home Comforts

Our caravans for sale and lodges are designed with ‘home comforts’ in mind. We believe that a holiday home should feel just like that – a home.

That’s why all our properties are equipped with modern amenities such as double glazing, central heating, en suite bathrooms and cosy interiors.

caravans for sale with home comforts

Luxury Lodges

Our luxury cabins in the Lake District offer an unforgettable stay, balancing lavish comfort with a homely feel for those who prefer the finer things.

These luxurious holiday homes are beautifully designed, to be more than just a place to sleep; they promise a unique, rejuvenating experience.

Each lodge holiday home combines elegance and sophistication while maintaining a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our luxurious lodges lodge holiday home and homes embody our philosophy of creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What sets us apart is our attention to comfort. Every element, from plush bedding to high-quality furnishings, is chosen for your utmost comfort.

After exploring, retreat to the cozy comfort of our lodges.

Alongside luxurious interiors, our pre owned holiday home’ locations offer stunning views and easy access to local attractions, enhancing the quality time your stay.

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Explore 125+ UK Parks with Parklink

Visit Parklink, your portal to over 125 UK family parks with holiday homes for sale. We offer a diverse range of options from coastlines to countryside, ensuring value for money and the perfect match for every holiday homeowner.

Coastal Retreats: Seaside Serenity

Our coastal parks are havens for those drawn to the sea’s rhythm and scent. Imagine daily explorations of sandy beaches and panoramic sea views. With our coastal parks, this dream becomes your reality.

Country Havens: Rural Respite

If you seek tranquility, our owners parks are an ideal location. They offer an escape from daily hustle, immersing you in nature’s calm. Enjoy leisurely strolls, picnic lunches, and starlit evenings.

Visit Your Perfect Park

With 125+ holiday parks on our platform offering both holiday owners accommodation and homes for sale, we cater to diverse preferences. Whether you love the beach or the countryside, find a location that fits your lifestyle seamlessly.

Your Holiday Home Awaits

Parklink is dedicated to making dreams come true by offering a wide selection of caravan holiday homes, in stunning UK locations. Start exploring today and discover your dream caravan holiday home.

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Static Caravan Ownership with Parkdean Resorts

We also partner with Parkdean Resorts, offering static caravan ownership across over 50 coast and country holiday parks. They have many fantastic locations and we can recommend giving them a visit and perhaps becoming an owner your own caravan yourself!

Holiday Homes in Lancashire & the North East

Looking for holiday homes for sale for a bolthole in Lancashire or the North East? We have a range of properties in these beautiful regions, each offering holiday accommodation with its own unique charm.


Find Your Holiday Home in England

Finding your dream holiday home anywhere in England to suit has never been easier. With our wide range of properties and beautiful locations here, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect place to fit.

Three Benefits of a Sited Static Caravan

Finally, let’s talk about the key benefits of caravan holiday homes and owning a sited static caravan by the coast. Firstly, it offers a permanent vacation spot.

Secondly, it can be a great investment. And thirdly, it gives you the freedom to holiday whenever you want.

Private static caravans for sale sited.

Embrace The Holiday homes

Embrace the whole holiday home ownership lifestyle by buying a static caravan now with Park Holidays & Leisure Park. Browse our selection of used static caravans for sale and take the first step towards your own holiday home ownership, and owning your dream holiday home.

Is Buying on a Park a Good Investment?

Buying a static isn’t a traditional financial investment, as it depreciates about 15% yearly.

Its real value is in the unique lifestyle and personal holiday retreat it offers and they don’t come with a money back guarantee.

Despite the initial cost, consider the numerous mini holidays you’ll enjoy.

lodge investment

What is the 15 Year Rule for Static Caravans?

The 15-year rule refers to a common policy among many caravan parks. After 15 years, some parks require that your caravan be replaced, regardless of its condition.

The reason behind this rule is to maintain a certain standard and aesthetic within the space.

Static Caravan Resale

This rule can influence the resale value of your caravan.

Therefore, if you’re considering buying holiday homes, it’s important to check the caravan park owner or caravan park sales’ side’s rules regarding the age of caravans they allow.

15 year rule for static caravans

Do Caravan Parks Make Money?

Parks, as per multiple sources, can be profitable ventures.

They cater to the growing domestic holiday market and offer extra income through caravan rentals five holiday parks. Well-managed businesses can generate substantial profits, especially with strategies like high occupancy rates.

What is the Profit Margin on a Caravan Park?

Perfect caravan parks can be a profitable business, with well-run parks expecting yearly revenues of £250,000 and profit margins of 20-25%. That said in recent years parks have suffered higher running costs.

This suggests that managing a caravan establishment can be financially rewarding, offering significant returns for savvy entrepreneurs.

Yet, these figures aren’t concrete. They can vary based on factors like location and park size, which significantly affect financial performance.

Also, the success of management practices and sales strategies can impact profitability. So while caravan businesses can be profitable, success hinges on various elements.

Profit Margin on a Caravan Park

Who Owns Windy Harbour Caravan Park?

Windy Harbour Caravan Park is owned by the Partington Group. This family-run business was established in 1944 and continues to provide a mix of static and touring caravan experiences at five holiday parks across the Northwest.

The group recently acquired Windy Harbour and has big plans for local area and its development.

What are Partingtons Site Fees?

The exact site fees for Partington’s Windy Harbour Caravan Park are not specified in the sources. However, these can vary depending on the location, facilities, and services offered.

It’s recommended to contact Partington’s directly for accurate and up-to-date information regarding park outgoings.

haven caravans for sale

What is the Age Limit of Caravans on Haven Sites?

The age limit for caravans on Haven sites isn’t mentioned in the provided sources. Caravan park policies can vary significantly, with some implementing a ’15-year rule while others may have different regulations.

It’s advisable to reach out to Haven directly to find out their specific rules regarding the age of caravans they permit on their sites.

Where is the best no age limit static caravan sites in Lancashire?

Exploring Age-Unrestricted Parks in Lancashire

Lancashire offers a diverse range of age-unrestricted static caravan sites for those seeking a long-term stay.

Noteworthy among them is McCarthy Parks, which is popular for its low annual fees and no limits on age or license periods, making it a cost-effective choice.

Another on sale find a great holiday accommodation option is Violet Bank Caravan & Lodge Park, two stunning holiday parks where no age limit is imposed on the caravans, allowing you to maximize the use of your holiday home.

best no age limit static caravan sites in Lancashire

Who owns Chesil Vista Holiday Park?

Ownership of Chesil Beach Holiday Park

Chesil Vista Holiday Park, now known as Chesil Beach Holiday Park, is a prime property of the Waterside Holiday Group.

This group has a rich history, with its founders, Ralph and Esther Jacobs, having embarked on this journey by purchasing the Bowleaze Cove site back in 1963.

Today, the group is led by CEO Dave Bennett, and under his guidance, Waterside oversees several holiday parks, including the brand new and acclaimed Chesil Beach Holiday Park.

Awards and Accommodations

Adding to the park’s exceptional reputation is a recent accolade for friendly team. Neil Davies from Waterside Holiday Group has received an award, honoring his contributions to the park.

This recognition not only reinforces the park’s status but also highlights the dedicated team behind its success.

The park stands out for its wide variety of accommodation options. It offers static caravans and other lodges for sale, catering to the diverse needs of its visitors. The extensive range of choices ensures that every guest finds a comfortable fit for their stay.

Many of these accommodations are privately owned holiday homes, adding a unique charm to each option. This feature, coupled with the variety, bolsters the park’s popularity among holiday-goers.

Visitors can always find something to suit their preferences, making every stay at the park a personalised experience.

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Holiday Homes & caravans for sale

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Have a browse our portal, search caravans for sale and request further information from parks. You may just find something to suit you and friends. You’ll be experience golden sands, water sports and fresh air on a regular basis.

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