Master This Static Caravan Jargon Buster in One Go

Master This Static Caravan Jargon Buster in One Go

The teams of individuals who operate on caravan parks frequently do so for an extended period that the vernacular becomes second nature and flows out of their mouths without hesitation.

Today’s post will translate and elaborate on several of those static caravan-specific words that aren’t too familiar. Think about this as a dictionary you can consult if you ever encounter a term, you’re unsure of!

1. A-frame

The front end of the caravan, jutting from the chassis and terminating in the tow hitch. Many static caravans for sale in Yorkshire have the A-frame sometimes covered in plastic for aesthetic purposes.

2. Account

Typically, this refers to your account with the vacation park. This is NOT a bank balance or any other credit or interest-bearing account; instead, it is a user account on the park’s computer system created in your name once you register.

static caravan exterior

3. Approved Workshop

Any member of the National Caravan Council’s scheme that inspects and lists specialist service centres competent in performing all levels of work on all parts of a travelling caravan.

4. Caravan Awning

The awning provides additional shade or living area for any caravan. Get an awning if you’re looking to sell my static caravan due to lack of space. It is a tent-like structure that attaches to the awning rail of your van to provide additional seating/sleeping/storage space.

5. BBQ Point

A caravan’s exterior gas socket is suited for connecting a matching barbecue or other outdoor gas cooking device, making it one of the best static caravan kitchen ideas.

6. Caravan Bookings

A ‘booking’ is the length of time a person rents a caravan to stay. Bookings are how certain parks refer to guests that utilise your vacation via a subletting programme.

7. British Holiday Home and Holiday Park Association (BH&HPA)

The British Holiday & Home Parks Association is a membership organisation and network established to collaborate with and represent holiday park businesses. They represent the vacation park business by advocating for park operators at the federal level.

Master This Static Caravan Jargon Buster in One Go

8. Chassis

This is the steel framework that supports the caravan. Typically constructed from ‘mild’ steel, you can anticipate them to last many years with no maintenance like the caravans for sale in wales. However, it is worthwhile to inspect the chassis if it’s pre-owned.

9. Connections

This is typically a one-time expense associated with the caravan’s connection to the pitch. The phrase ‘connections’ refers to the gas, electric, and television connections established between the static and the base by qualified specialists.

10. Drain Down

This is the procedure of eliminating water from the caravan during periods of cold weather to avoid frost damage. When replaced by antifreeze, it generally only applies to toilets, water pipelines, and the water heater in non-centrally heated caravans.

11. Double Unit/Lodge

These are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of holiday park lodging. A lodge of this size may have second-hand lunar caravan windows and be contracted in two distinct sections assembled on-site by the manufacturer’s employees or approved contractors.

12. Fleet

Park staff frequently refer to company-owned vacation homes solely used to house holidaymakers as ‘fleet,’ typically short for ‘holiday fleet.’

13. Free Standing/Fixed

This is the distinction between typical caravanning furniture permanently attached to the caravan’s interior and frequently more expensive models that include moveable furniture after production.

Master This Static Caravan Jargon Buster in One Go

14. Fold-out Bed

This is a concealed bed! Typically included as part of a front room sofa base, it will be hidden by a board and folded out with a bit of pull on the handle.

15. Guaranteed Letting

This is a service that a few of the larger park operators offer. This means that parks may occasionally assure you a certain amount of money in exchange for selecting specific dates.

16. Caravan Holiday Makers

In the context of a caravan holiday park, this refers to someone who pays to stay on the

property but is yet to buy any static caravans for sale North East or does not own a holiday home.

17. Insurance

Like you’d insure your home, most park operators will need you to insure your caravan. This safeguards you and your vacation home against a plethora of potential problems.

18. Live-ons/Residential

Certain parks have residential status,’ which allows for on-site living. These parks will make it abundantly obvious that permanent residence is permitted by both the park operator and the local government.

19. Loan/Funding

Most parks will have an arrangement with a bank or other lender specialising in static caravan finance packages. Although you won’t see it advertised in your neighborhood branch, a few high street lenders also provide packages tailored exclusively for holiday home purchases.

20. National Caravan Council (NCC)

Founded almost 70 years ago, the National Caravan Council is a not-for-profit organisation. They are a trade association representing nearly every aspect of the caravan and holiday park sector.

Master This Static Caravan Jargon Buster in One Go

21.  Caravan Owners

This is the standard term for caravan owners in a park.

22. Pitch

A pitch is a tiny section of the park reserved for the use of a caravan.

23. Pitch Fees/Ground Rent/Site Fees

This is the amount paid to a park in exchange for renting the tiny plot of land on which your caravan is stored and access to the park’s facilities and services.

24.                      Rates

The local authority will bill a park a significant sum each year and frequently absorb a considerable portion of this expenditure. Owners will be charged a fraction of the cost for the same services.

25.                      Ramtech

It is a security system that certain park operators choose. Motion sensors are installed around the caravan’s entry points and send an alert to a customised pager carried by park workers.

26.                      Season

This is the number of days the park is open in the year.

27.                       Static

An abbreviation for ‘static caravan.’ They’re called static because they rarely move, unlike a ‘tourer,’ so it’s a term you’ll often encounter when purchasing a static caravan for sale UK or elsewhere.

28.                      Subletting

Subletting is the practice of allowing others to use your vacation home in exchange for a fee. Certain parks permit this, while others do not.

29.                      Tourer

Also known as a travelling caravan, these are the types that are frequently seen on the backs of automobiles during holiday weekends.

30.                       Verandah/Decking

This is the elevated wooden or UPVC plastic deck that can be built around a section of the caravan. A huge variety of designs is available, including accessories like lighting, storage, gates, and locks.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this thorough caravan glossary will assist you in preparing for your purchasing and traveling experiences by educating you on these critical caravan terms.

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