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How about buying a Holiday Home in the UK?

We all need a holiday every once in a while. The idea of such a break likely triggers mental images of sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches, island-hopping cruises and exotic city breaks. Unfortunately, events of 2020 have made international travel increasingly problematic. Perhaps this is the reason we’ve seen a major influx of people a buying holiday home of their own.

If we’re honest, flying overseas has always been a pain. The journey is the least favourite part of anybody’s travel itinerary. The issues arising from the gruesome twosome of Brexit and COVID-19 have made airports more undesirable than ever in 2020, though.

The petty frustrations of overpriced refreshments, delayed take-off and removing shoes for security checks pale in comparison to lengthy lines at passport control, social distancing regulations and a potential enforced quarantine period. In the current climate, you’d need a second break to recover from the tribulations of taking a holiday.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Investing in a holiday home within the shores of Blighty provides the best of all possible worlds. Parklink acts as a portal that lists static caravans and lodges for sale all over the UK, in a variety of sites. This affords the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned rest at any time of year – while also keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

What is a Holiday Home?

Cast your mind back to happy childhood memories. Did you have an annual holiday with your family in a caravan, chalet or lodge at a holiday park? If so, you stayed in a holiday home.

These accommodations do not need to be transient and temporary refuges, though. You could purchase a caravan or lodge to call your very own. This provides you with a ready-made retreat, in a home away from home, whenever you feel the need for a change of scenery.

Why buy?

As discussed, buying your own holiday home means that you can visit whenever you feel the need. Let’s stress here – your holiday home is your holiday home!

Nobody else will have access to the caravan or lodge while you’re away. This means that you can leave your own belongings in place. Decorate the property as you see fit. You can replace fixtures and fittings if you wish. You could even lease it out for earn a little extra money.

That’s right – holiday homes can be used a money-spinning side business. Treat your caravan or lodge an Air B&B and you’ll enjoy a passive income stream. Naturally, you’ll also be able to pick and choose when people stay in your home. If you’re looking for a break of your own, simply mark the property as unavailable.

This availability of a permanent vacation spot is arguably the biggest advantage to owning your own caravan or lodge. Booking a holiday is exciting, but it can be a lot of work. You’ll need to find the ideal location, research the ever-varying cost of accommodation based on the time of year, and once you arrive, lose a day or two coming to terms with the lay of the land.

With your own holiday home, these complications disappear. You have a second location that you can relax in any time you feel the need. Whether that’s for regular weekends away, multiple week- or fortnight-long breaks from your routine, or even just an overnight stay when the neighbours are being obnoxious, your holiday home will always be open to you.

Is a Staycation Really as Fun as a Foreign Holiday?

Personally, we think they’re better. Granted, we’re probably biased, but hear us out.

We already discussed the many and varied difficulties imposed upon air travel. What’s more though, a holiday home is easily accessible. Ask yourself – would you rather have one holiday a year overseas, or multiple breaks within the UK? Remember, Parklink can find holiday homes for sale all over the nation. You can choose a territory that’s delightfully scenic and meets all of your needs.

By buying a holiday home, you’ll make one investment that pays for itself many times over. There’s no need to save for flights and hotels every year. You won’t need to shop around for the perfect currency conversion. There are no intrusive insurance forms to complete that interrogate you about your health.

All you need to do to enjoy a staycation is pack a few bags, hop in the car and arrive at your holiday home – which, lest we forget, will already be tailored to your personal tastes and standards. We strongly recommend that you at least consider swapping Costa del Sol for Cornwall. It may prove to be the best decision you ever make.

If we buy a Holiday Home, Can We Use All Year?

Yes and no. You’ll be welcome to use your holiday home at any time of year. Don’t worry about the weather – these accommodations have undergone countless improvements over the years and can now be enjoyed twelve months of the year. You’ll be as comfortable and cosy during the coldest nights of winter as the peak of summer.

This means that there are no restrictions to when you’d like to enjoy your investment. Summer holidays are the obvious choice, but the great thing about buying your own holiday home is the variety of choice.

If you spot Auntie Maureen helping herself to that ever-dangerous third glass of sherry on Christmas Night, you can flee the scene. Perhaps you’re fed up with April showers in your town, and want to temporarily relocate to a drier part of the country. If you want to make the most of the sunshine in June before school finishes for the summer and the beaches get packed, your holiday home will be waiting for you. If you need somewhere to stay while house is undergoing structural work, there’s no need to ask for a friend’s spare room.

A second how to give you a true escape

However, we have to note that holiday homes are so named for a reason. Unless you happen to be a Kardashian, you won’t be on vacation all year around. This means that you need to maintain a permanent address elsewhere. Holiday parks would love to have you around all the time, but unfortunately, they don’t make the rules. That would be the government. As holiday homes are exempt from council tax payments and stamp duty upon purchase, they cannot be used 24/7.

Different parks have different rules on regulations on lengths of consecutive stay and how many times you can visit in a year. Do some research into that before committing to buying a holiday home, ensuring that your choice of location remains suitable. Either way, don’t change your address on the electoral register.

Thinking of buying a Holiday Home

Convinced that a holiday home is exactly what you’re looking for? Parklink has you covered. We act as a one-stop portal to a wide array of static caravans and lodges available for sale, located all over the UK. Take a look at your options and get in touch if you have any queries. If you invest in a holiday home, the only restrictions placed upon getaways is your own schedule.

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