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What Type Of Holiday Park Is Best For You?

Holiday parks are becoming more popular among people who need a place to spend their UK holiday without worrying about hotel bookings and other hassles. You may be looking for a certain type of holiday park depending on their interests and budget.

Before you can tell the type of holiday parks to expect, you must identify your preferred destination. Each holiday destination comes with unique holiday parks. Some are camping sites, while others offer luxurious amenities like spa services and high-end restaurants.

Various holiday parks also allow you to configure your package and features. That enables you to make a budget and stick to it. Various parks also have holiday homes for sale, while others are only available for rent.

Follow these tips to decide on the best type of holiday park for you.

1. Are You Travelling with Children?

Travelling with your young ones can be mandatory to fulfill your needs. However, not all parks provide features geared to children under a specific age. The park owners would also expect you to keep them under complete watch. Others prohibit minors.

Those with children should look for holiday parks that offer lots of play areas, game rooms, and other amenities available to the entire family.

Parks allowing children are strict about enforcing rules on noise levels to avoid disturbing their neighbours. You may find it inconvenient to throw a party at children-friendly parks. In such a case, you will have to lower your expectations.

2. What Are Your Favourite Adventures?

You may not like to stay in a park that only offers activities such as fishing and boating. Some parks include fun activities such as paintballing, water sports, horse riding, and more. If you enjoy playing games or participating in team-building exercises, look for holiday parks with these features.

You should confirm the Waterside Holiday Park facilities for emergency support or assistance offered by on-site medical staff. If you love adventures, you would also need healthy food. Ask about any nearby restaurants while making reservations at an adventure resort.

3. Are You Looking For Luxurious Amenities?

Some parks provide luxurious amenities for their visitors. Others are simple campsites offering basic facilities including toilets, clean drinking water, and basic cooking facilities.

If you are looking for a place to relax surrounded by gorgeous views of the ocean and bars and restaurants with wine tasting sessions with live music, look for holiday parks prioritising the features. You must always double-check your bookings before arrival since most luxury resorts have strict policies about visitors bringing pets or young children along.

People can also expect these holidays in certain seasons when the weather is sunny and warm throughout the year or on weekends near major cities where people do not usually flock because of high accommodation prices.

4. What Pets Do You Own?

The easiest way to decide whether a park is pet-friendly or not would be to ask the owners directly. Some parks have strict rules about visitors bringing pets along and may only allow small dogs that stay in their crates during your entire holiday.

Others prohibit animals from entering certain areas, like swimming pools, restaurants, laundries, and more social amenities. In addition, some holidays also charge extra fees for allowing pets inside the premises.

Holidays offering generous perks for guests with furry friends include all-inclusive packages with food, drinks, and special dog walks organised throughout the day by staff members coordinating with other resort workers. Such services depend on the availability of facilities like training rooms and veterinary clinics within the park.

5. Affordability of the Park

The cost of a holiday varies depending on the type and season you choose, as well as available amenities. You would need to double-check how much your holiday would cost before making any bookings.

Do not forget to check whether the park has special offers or discounts available in various seasons. Sometimes, they publish these coupons on their official websites. Therefore, you can plan and avoid paying more than promised after confirming your booking with them via phone calls or emails.

Some also offer free stays for children below a certain age. However, you can expect stricter rules for noise levels around young visitors at such parks. Children will be sharing facilities with other families who may not appreciate loud noises coming from kids running around the premises constantly throughout the day.

6. Rental or Own?

If you would like to spend a long holiday at the same place, look for parks offering private accommodation where visitors can stay inside their private cottages or villas. These parks would include kitchens, living rooms, and other amenities like barbecue pits and swimming pools.

Owning holiday chalets for sale gives people more independence during holidays since they do not need to ask permission from anyone whenever they want to go out for short trips around town or eat outside. However, those who prefer cooking meals in rental units will appreciate having access to communal barbecues instead of preparing food using their electric cookers all day long.

These houses also offer more privacy than traditional cottages since visitors living in mobile homes can choose to stay indoors whenever they want instead of interacting with other park residents.

7. How Important Are Facilities?

Facilities vary from park to park. During the busy season, visitors may not have access to all amenities offered during off-peak seasons.

Many parks offer special deals for visitors living in owned holiday homes during the off-peak season. That is when they receive enough bookings to remain open and continue operating until late into autumn or winter. However, some may only accept people staying inside rented accommodations throughout all seasons of the year because they are more profitable than short-term occupants.

Facilities would also vary depending on the park’s location within a country or region. Other factors like natural disasters affecting nearby areas can also determine their availability. All these may affect the quality of services you get inside each facility.

Therefore, always check what types of amenities they offer before making any bookings with them. Also, inquire about their procedures for handling complaints and refunds to avoid situations where you need to take legal action against them.


Finding a perfect type of holiday park for your needs may not be easy. However, there are still many options available. You can pick a more affordable holiday park with fewer amenities or children-friendly ones to entertain your kids. Holidays offering generous perks for guests with furry friends include all-inclusive packages including food and drinks, as well as special discounts in various seasons.

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