North Wales

Static Caravan For Sale North Wales

Static Caravan For Sale North Wales

North Wales is beautiful and is widely regarded as one of the most popular destinations in the UK. Brilliant beaches, easy access and good weather are appealing to many people.

Read on to discover what really makes North Wales a go to destination for a holiday in a static caravan?

A popular choice

A static caravan is a type of holiday home that remains permanently on a particular site. Often these sites will be well equipped, with plenty of facilities and activities for everyone to enjoy. Wales, and in particular North Wales, has been a popular destination for holidaymakers for decades. You will be amazed by the stunning scenery of mountain ranges and an idyllic coastline. Furthermore there’s plenty for families to do in North Wales. Filling the days couldn’t be easier here, with attractions like Zip World and Surf Snowdonia for all to enjoy.

A special destination

North Wales is an area of outstanding natural beauty. In particular Snowdonia National Park sets the region apart from others in the UK. Here visitors are able to access the historical Snowdon Mountain Railway. This climbs to the summit of Wale’s highest mountain, Mount Snowdon. From here you can marvel at stunning views across the sea to Ireland. People from North Wales are sometimes referred to as ‘gogs’, a term that derives from the Welsh word for North.

The Welsh have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. They are proud of their history and ensure that all that visit their country feels at home. There is a proud culture in Wales which can be found in their music, customs and language. This really is a great place to soak up the atmosphere and learn about another culture.

Traditional dishes to try

The food in Wales is diverse, but there are a number of traditional dishes visitors should try. Bara Brith is a tea loaf made with dried fruit and spices and is often enjoyed as part of an afternoon tea. Another popular delicacy is Welsh Rarebit, a take on cheese one toast with ale, mustard, cayenne pepper and Worchester sauce.

Perfect for holidays

If you’re considering purchasing your own holiday home in the form of a static caravan. North Wales, with its stunning locations is a must for you to explore. It’s easily accessible from all corners of the UK, meaning visiting for a long weekend couldn’t be simpler. Due to the nature of static caravan holidays, you will find yourself outdoors more often, therefore the weather is an important factor. Luckily the coastal areas of North Wales experience plenty of sunshine in the summer months, with scorching highs of 25°C.

Love static caravans – Love North Wales

Popular coastal areas include Barmouth, Fairbourne and Shell Island, all of which have their own unique appeal. Here you will find stunning places to explore and great weather and friendly locals. It is easy to see why North Wales is such a popular choice for those ready to own their dream static caravan.

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