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Which Is the Best for You: Static Caravans or Touring Caravans?

In 2018, over 1.4 billion international arrivals by world region were recorded. Millions of people have to decide their holiday home yearly; although the current pandemic has changed many things, people still travel. Several holiday homes exist, but our main focus in this article is static and touring caravans because caravans are one of the most popular types of holiday homes.

static caravan

Static Caravans, what about them?

Other names given to static caravans are mobile homes or park homes. Static caravans are holiday homes set in one place or park during a vacation. They are built in factories and can serve as permanent or temporary accommodation during a holiday. The setup resembles that of a natural home to ensure that you have all you need. Since you cannot easily tow static caravans, their construction materials are heavier, making the holiday home warmer like that of a natural home when compared to a touring caravan.

The functioning of the static caravan is way superior when compared to a touring caravan because its building materials are designed to make it feel and look like a home. Static caravans can take about eight people at a time, making them an excellent option for hanging out with family or friends; they can also work perfectly during winter and summer. Static caravans can have windows and doors with frames; standard toilets are available too. Fortunately, you can find static caravan sales in different countries. You just need to do some research.

inside static caravan

Advantages of holiday home ownership

  1. You can treat it as your home, leaving your belongings there safely while you are away. This means when you are done with your holiday, you don’t have to pack all of your stuff. Thus, indirectly reducing the stress of traveling with too much load.
  2. You won’t miss your home because it has equipment and comfort just like the actual home. You can have up to two to four bedrooms, a well-fitted kitchen, and good bathrooms.
  3. You don’t have to worry about where to move the caravan next.
  4. You can always make some money by renting it out or selling the caravan.
  5. If you don’t sell the caravan, there are chances that you might want to travel to the same place another time; you will have your holiday home waiting right there for you.
  6. Finding a static caravan site with security means your holiday home is in safe hands.
  7. You can have your family or friends over to spend quality time with them.
  8. As a customer of the park, you will get access to the facilities of the park.
  9. The insides of the caravan are warm and cozy, just like that of a home.
  10. You get to meet and bond with other travelers like yourself at the park.

Disadvantages of caravan ownership

  1. You might have to pay running costs which include static caravan site fees (i.e., the amount paid to the park for a year to reserve a space for your holiday home), and an extra fee for moving the caravan to another location as you can’t tow it with a car.
  2. Some parks don’t open during winter, so you might have to check parks to confirm if they have a 12-month license. Otherwise, you won’t have access to your holiday home during winter.

Touring caravans, what are they?

Unlike static caravans, you can move the touring caravans. If you prefer a holiday trip where you get to visit multiple places all in one, the touring caravan might be a perfect choice. To move the caravan, you have to tow it with a car. It may sound simple since it is just to move it, but it isn’t relatively easy or enjoyable to constantly transport it around. Since tourist caravans are mainly on the move, they are built with lighter materials than static caravans. Nevertheless, they aren’t as equipped as static caravans, so they don’t feel like real homes.

touring caravan


  1. You can move around with the caravan, which means you can visit multiple places in one trip. It is pretty flexible.
  2. You can have easier access to it if you find somewhere to place it at home.
  3. You get to meet new people when you visit multiple places.


  1. It might not always be safe. You always have to move around, so there mightn’t be a park with security and a license as protection. You have to worry about where to keep the caravan at night; you can’t also leave your belongings and wander off.
  2. Finding where to keep the caravan at night during your tour might be challenging because of road restrictions.
  3. You have to find somewhere to keep the caravan while you aren’t using it; you mightn’t have enough space at home to park it.
  4. You need an excellent power engine to keep the caravan moving.
  5. It isn’t fully equipped like a home setting, so you need extra cash to get the required home materials along the journey.

touring caravan disadvantages

Static vs. touring caravans; which is best for you?

It is time to decide between static and touring caravans; which of them will you go for? Let’s compare our options, shall we?

  • Paying for static caravans means you are paying for the complete package without the stress of moving around and absolute security. Although you don’t have to pay as much for touring caravans, you might not be safe. You constantly have to move and worry about road restrictions. You might still have to make payments for extra materials that aren’t available to you (i.e., you might also have to pay for a car to tow the caravan if you don’t have one or can’t transport yours to another country).
  • The static caravan can take between two to eight people to live temporarily or permanently as long as they wish; touring caravans can’t take as many people and aren’t comfortable living in for an extended period.


We advise that you evaluate all your options before deciding; only you know what is best for you. However, static caravans are a better choice in the long run. Most people with touring caravans end up settling for static caravans.

As a traveler, which holiday homes have you used in the past, how has it benefited you, and what other cons do you think should have been listed?

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