Making the decision to sell your caravan

The day has arrived when you are considering selling your static caravan.  Like most people this would have been the last thing you thought of when you purchased. There are many things you now need to consider and a general process which you need to take. Each park has its own park rules and policy’s so we advise to always check with the park office to discuss their process. Here we will give you a general guide as to the usual steps to take.

Make an appointment to discuss with the park office

Your park operators will have a general process for you to adhere to and usually ask you to fill out a private sale agreement form. Fill this out and hand it in. It will usually not be a priority or obligation for the park to sell it for you as it is assumed by many holiday home owners. It is your property so you will be expected to take the bull by the horns yourself. The help you get from the park will be a reflection of how good their customer service.

Will the company buy my caravan back?

Possibly.  It could be that the company is willing to buy your static caravan back from you.  This will depend on demand and will be close to a ‘trade valuation’.  The figure they offer you will be nowhere near what you paid for the caravan.  Please bear in mind that caravans and lodges are depreciating assets most of the time and rarely hold their value. The park is business so will be hoping to buy from you at a good price so they area able to sell on and make a profit from.

How much should I sell my Caravan for?

The selling price is your decision as the owner. Always take advice from the park office on the price as they are dealing with buyers and sellers daily and will have a fair idea of the price it is likely to sell for. Factors to take into consideration include:

Supply and demand

  • How well are the caravans selling on park and are there many empty plots available?
  • How many years has your caravan got on pitch licence? This will be a big factor to the buyer.
  • How much are similar models selling for? A private sale will usually sell for less than company models as they do not come with the backing and warranty.

Take all these factors in and come up with a price you think it will sell for. Then add a little on to give yourself a little wiggle room!

Putting a sales notice in the caravan

Most parks will have a policy where you are not able to put a ‘for sale’ sign up in your holiday home. This is for the good of the park. A park with too many ‘for sale’ signs does not look good to potential buyers. Check with your office as they may let you put one of their branded ‘for sale’ signs in the window as a compromise. Work with the park and together you should be able to achieve a private sale which suits all parties.

How to prepare my holiday home to sell

Getting the show home look can be challenging especially if you are planning to continue to use. Clear out as much clutter as you can and make the place as neutral as possible. Bear in mind that your tastes will not be the same as a potential buyers. Buyers need to imagine themselves being in the holiday home.  Keep the place as clean as possible and welcoming at all times. When selling holiday homes it is always best to open the curtains wide, letting in the natural light.  Perhaps even open the windows as this will all help give your holiday home a welcoming natural ‘buy me’ vibe. Ensure the outside of your holiday home is clear and welcoming.

Where to advertise my static caravan

There are many place you can advertise your holiday home for sale. Free outlets include gumtree, Ebay as well as various other websites which may list your caravan for sale. Sometimes it worth paying a little for a professional service which will increase your chance of selling and give you less stress. Here at Parklink we have years of experience selling holiday homes at all levels and have dealt with thousands of different buyers and sellers.  We are able to help people at the right stages and we can advise you on the correct selling price and give you helpful impartial advice.

What can Parklink offer you?

You own page showing images, description, location and features.

500 word blog post to sell your park and location

Button so people can request info on your particular holiday home

We will deal with all enquiries and ensure they are serious before we pass on to you

Contact us at Parklink today and start selling today!  We would love to help you achieve your sale in the quickest times possible. Click here.

Dealing with viewings

If you have advertised through Parklink, the chances are your people will be well informed and already a match for your holiday home. It could be that they are viewing a few holiday homes so handle the viewing in a fluent business like manner. People are looking for a general overview. Just talk naturally and be yourselves! If they want to buy, they may tell you straight away or they may want to discuss privately.

Finishing your viewing

Ensure you leave on good terms and you have all contact details to follow up later on. Parklink will also be there as a 3rd party to ask them how they found and help you get the sale!

What do I do when they say YES!

Brilliant. You have a YES! The transaction has to go through the park office. Between you and the buyer, you will agree a date they will take possession of the holiday home. All funds must be paid the park office where the company will take anything you owe on your account as well as their park private sale commission (usually 15% + VAT).  You will receive the rest into your personal bank account once processed.

Who completes the paperwork

The park operators will ensure the buyers are fully aware of park rules and run through all the relevant paperwork. Once this is all complete and they have paid the balance, the last task is for you to remove all personal items and for your new owners to move in.

What happens now?

That’s it! You sit back and wait for the money to go into your bank account and all finished. If you decide to go through Parklink to sell, we do not charge any extra commission on sale so everything your receive from the park is yours to keep and use for that next purchase!


We hope you have found this article blog informative. Please feel free to comment if you feel we can add any further tips for people wishing to sell their static caravan or lodges.

Are you considering selling?

Contact us here at Parklink today! With our industry knowledge and professional friendly approach, you will receive a 1st class service when selling your caravan or lodge.

We look forward to helping you sell your holiday home – Contact us here now!

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