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Many people wonder ‘Can we live in a static caravan’? The answer is yes, however it depends where the static caravan is situated and the overall build quality.

The specification of static caravans are improving year on year as building methods improve. Because of this people are becoming more open to the idea of living in a static caravan.

Benefits of a static caravan

  • Spacious enough to live in

Static caravans can range from 28ft x 10ft – (280 sq. ft.) or 45ft x 14ft (630 sq. ft.) meaning they offer more than ample space to live in. With high ceilings available in most models they will give most modern-day apartment’s a run for their money.

  • A home from home

You will find all the home comforts in a static caravan including double glazing, central heating and fully fitted kitchens with modern appliances. There are many upgrade options available in a static caravan. This can include the latest entertainment systems, wine coolers and upgraded appliances. A static caravan can be a perfect place to live with everything you need.

  • Residential specification

Static caravans can now be built to residential specification (BS 3632) meaning they have been built to use all year round. To achieve this residential status they include the following:

  • Thicker walls
  • Extra insulation
  • Robust construction
  • Soundproofing

Having a residential spec can be great of you want to use your static caravan all year round. This may be for living in on a park with a residential licence or to offer you greater comfort when using your static caravan for a holiday home most of the year.

Frequently asked questions

Can static caravans be made to live in?

Yes, static caravans can now be built to residential specification, BS 3632, meaning they are built and designed to be used all year round. This is great as many parks are now open for 12 months of the year meaning people can holiday all year round. Technically a residential static caravan would be fine for you to live in, offering warmth and comfort.

Where can I live in a static caravan?

There are many potential places where you can live in a static caravan as listed below:

  • Private land

Perhaps you have a family member or friend with some spare land they can put a static caravan for you. Of course, they will need to check with the local council and obtain relevant planning and permissions.

  • Residential Park

Residential parks in the UK with relevant permission can enable you to live in a static caravan provided the park meets certain planning conditions and the park is classed as full residential. Here is an example of a residential park in Scotland where you can live for 12 months of the year.

Where can we find static caravans for sale?

  • Static caravans can be bought from many place in the UK including the following:
  • Direct from a holiday park which may be selling to make way for new caravans coming in
  • From a static caravan trader dealing in buying and selling
  • Buy a static caravan direct from the manufacturer
  • A static caravan supplier connect to a manufacturer

Are static caravans designed to live in or for holidays?

Static caravans are usually designed for holiday use only where they are built to holiday specification EN1647. This means they have adequate insulation to be used between March – October in the UK. Obviously, you can stay in a static caravan outside of this period although it will not offer a level of comfort you may be accustomed to within a bricks & mortar type property built to residential spec.

Can I live in a static caravan on a holiday park?

We would not advise moving onto a holiday park to live in a static caravan under any circumstances. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The park only has a ‘holiday’ licence so they do not have permission from the council to allow people to live in a static caravan on their park
  • A holiday park is designed and set up for people to be on holiday – not living.
  • A static caravan wouldn’t class as a postal address unless registered
  • Holiday Park can be noisier & busier compared to residential parks
  • Listing with a doctor may be a problem if not living at a registered address
  • Obtain credit or building a credit history could be a problem
  • You may not be able to register to vote from a static caravan holiday park
  • The park may only be open between 8 & 11 months of the year meaning you will need to vacate and find somewhere to live in the closed period.

It just isn’t fit for the purpose of living. With so many residential options out there including residential parks, the only reason people would move onto a holiday park is for low cost living. Our advice would still be to find somewhere else because this is not a long-term solution to your problem.

Are there any alternatives to living in a static caravan?

There are some great alternatives to living in a static caravan. These alternatives can mean a higher investment in your living space however they may be more appropriate in the long run saving you money and giving you greater long term stability.

A lodge is a great alternative to living in a static caravan. Lodges are mostly built to residential spec as standard and offer more living space.

A lodge can often have higher ceilings and feel more like an apartment rather than a static caravan lending itself to a nicer living solution. Off course the same conditions apply to a lodge where it must be on a residential park; not a holiday park if you wish to live in.

Lodge style living

This is the most common choice for people looking to enjoy residential park living. Park Homes are built to a very high standard meaning they present a better option to live in long term. The rooms in a Park Home are usually sectioned off similar to a bungalow. This is different when compared to holiday lodges, which tend to be more open plan and designed for the holiday home market.

You can buy a new Park Homes or you may find a good pre-owned model available through an estate agent. Did you know Parklink works with a great selection of park home sites in the UK? Look at this stunning park home park here in Northumberland which offer sunning park home and lodges for sale.

Parkhome living

Beautiful Park home ideal for living in

  • Houseboat

Houseboats can offer an excellent choice when looking for affordable living similar to living in a static caravan. They are found in peaceful and tranquil locations and you can really put you’re on mark on a houseboat. They are also oozing with character so offer a trendy space to call your home. Houseboats can be found online with a simple Google search or try local or online estate agents for more info.

There are many other options to living in a static caravan

So, to evaluate, yes you can live in a static caravan provided you are situated on land with permissions. Static caravans are built to a very high standard nowadays offering a comfortable place to call you own. As well as static caravans there are some great alternatives for you to live in, offering a more suitable home. These include – lodges, Park Homes and houseboats.

Owning a static caravan as a second home

A static caravan can be a wonderful option if you’re looking for a second home! Compared with buying a bricks and mortar style property this option can save you time, money and hassle. Owning a static caravan on a holiday park gives you somewhere to escape too when the mood takes without the upkeep involved in a property. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people on a holiday park where you can enjoy peace and relaxation within a safe environment.

More affordable and convenient then bricks and mortar

Compare this to buying a house or apartment where you’ll have to pay stamp duty and conveyancing fees upfront as well as the ongoing council tax, maintenance bills and security issues. Its easy to see how owning a static caravan offers the perfect solution to second home ownership, giving you holidays without the hassle. Additionally the way holiday parks are set up nowadays means you can usually sublet your static caravan when your not using it, how great is that? Your static caravan will actually earn you money to help cover your own holiday expenses and furthermore your’ll have your own seaside getaway just waiting for you.

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