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Are you looking to buy a static caravan?


This brand NEW guide will take you step by step through the process involved when you decide to buy a static caravan in the UK. Deciding to buy a static caravan in the UK is a big decision, which is not to be taken lightly which is the reason we have put this together for you.

Owning your own holiday home can have great benefits, offering you and your family a great lifestyle for many years to come.

This guide covers 5 key areas of buying a static caravan or lodge holiday home which includes:

  • Affordability – How much are caravans to buy and what is the ongoing running costs

Ensuring you understand costs involved when buying a caravan holiday home is important. There are many caravans 

  • Location – Choosing a perfect location to buy a static caravan is most important

The location is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when you buy a static caravan

  • Choosing a park – Which park will you choose to buy a caravan holiday home on?

This guide will offer advice on which park you should choose for your static caravan holiday home to be on

  • Choosing a static caravan or lodge

Which static caravan should you buy? This guide will offer you guidance when making this choice.

  • Plot – Ensure the caravan you buy is on a great plot which suits your needs.

This is usually the final aspect you need to considering when looking to buy a static caravan. Getting this important decision right at the start of your ownership journey will really pay off in the long run. A static caravan is made with beautiful open windows so you’ll want a lovely view to enjoy when spending time in your special place.

Read our caravan buyers guide here:

Whether you’re looking to buy a static caravan or simply interested to find our more information, Parklink can help! Read here for common search queries:

New static caravans for sale

Here at Parklink we work with some great parks offering new static caravans for sale. Buying a new static caravan is great because it comes factory fresh and off course you’ll be the only ones in it! The UK is the best in the world when it comes to manufacturing new static caravans for you’re sure to find something you like. Click the images below to start your search today using our FREE holiday home finder service. Ensure at the end you note if you particularly want a new static caravan.

holiday home finder

Willerby Caravans

Willerby caravans have been around for generation and offers a fantastic range of caravans for sale in the UK. When looking to buy a static caravan it makes sense to go with a brand you can trust and also offers a great warranty. We believe Willerby caravan offer this, so would be a great choice for you. Click here to be directed to the Willerby caravans manufacturers page.

Ex demo static caravans for sale

You’ll often find parks usually have a selection of ex demo static caravans for sale. This is due to the fact they always have static caravans on demo for the public to view. Whether you’re looking for a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom ex demo static caravan, were sure they will have something to suit your needs. You can start your search for parks here. Once you find one of interest, make an enquiry to ask whether they have an ex demo deals available.

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