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Buying a static caravan or lodge – Buyers guide

This brand NEW guide will take you step by step through the process involved when you decide to buy a static caravan or lodge in the UK.

If you decide to buy a static caravan then this is a big decision, which is not to be taken lightly. Owning your own holiday home can have great benefits offering you and your family a great lifestyle for many years to come.

We have created this caravan buyers guide to offer you guidance when looking into holiday home ownership. We hope you find it a great help!

This guide covers 5 key areas of buying a static caravan or lodge holiday home which includes:

  • Affordability – How much are caravans to buy and what is the ongoing running costs

Ensuring you understand costs involved when buying a caravan holiday home

  • Location – Choosing a perfect location to buy a static caravan is most important

The location is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when you buy a static caravan

  • Choosing a park – Which park will you choose to buy a caravan holiday home on?

This guide will offer advice on which park you should choose for your static caravan holiday home to be on

  • Choosing a static caravan or lodge

Which static caravan should you buy? This guide will offer you guidance when making this choice.

  • Plot – Ensure the caravan you buy is on a great plot which suits your needs.

This is usually the final piece of the puzzle. Choosing the ideal plot for your static caravan is important. You want your holiday home to enjoy the right space and outlook.

View, download and share this Parklink guide today!

You are welcome to view, download or share this guide to help you buy a static caravan.